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Caerdwicca (Barony of; Empire of Thyatis)

Location: Known World, Isle of Dawn (east of the continent of Brun; southwest of the New Alphatian Sea), southern tip.
Area: 17,459 sq. mi.
Population: 2,000, including 500 in the capital Caerdwicca.
Languages: Thyatian (official), Alphatian.
Coinage: Thyatian Standard: Emperor (pp), lucin (gp), asterius (sp), denarius (cp). Coins of many other nations are in common circulation here.
Taxes: 25% income tax collected quarterly (Va. 1, Ya. 1, Fy. 3, Ei. 1). Citizens abroad must still pay. 5% sales tax on all but food and clothing.
Government Type: Barony under the jurisdiction of the Empire of Thyatis.
Industries: Trade.
Important Figures: Baron Uthgaard McRhomaag (human, male, F16).
Flora and Fauna: Standard for its climate. Dangerous monsters include goblinoid hordes scattered throughout the Isle of Dawn as well as bandits.

Description: by Elidor Murtagh

Now here be a port worth mentionin' ta anyone who reads this book. Caerdwicca be a town built by a sailor for sailors, and ye can't ask for much better.

First o' all, there be nothing ta do with anything but ships and sailin' and the basic necessities for a town ta live. Everybody that's somebody here knows something about a ship, proving that they ain't no land- lubbers.

The city be pretty simple to. No big fancy walls or port masters and bunch of 'em regulations that make ye waste your time dockin' yer boat. Fact, it's this lack o' regulations that make Caerdwicca the pirate haven it is today. Baron McRhomaag was once a pirate 'imself, so he knows what it be like.

Not ta say that Caerdwicca is a bunch of lawless thugs and killers. Nay. The Baron follows all 'em Thyatian laws in his town, but he don't be pressin' against the ships that dock at his ports. There's no searches for stolen goods or questions asked as ta were they came from. But once on solid ground, 'em pirates gotta behave just like anyone else. The only business in Caerdwicca therefore be one of tradin'.

The town is filled with taverns an' inns for all 'em sailors that dock here. There be not much else... not even a wall or palisade ta protect in case of an attack. The streets aren't even paved like most Thyatian city street be. Course, a few folks get wood from the nearby forests to try and start their own business, but so far that be small business here indeed.

McRhomaag Castle be a funny sight ta see. Don't look like no castle that I be use to. It's a simple two story building built atop a dirt hill, with a crude wooden wall around it. Oh yeah, and a ditch he be calling a moat.

Now why does the Emperor allow this obvious pirate haven ta stay? Because Baron McRhomaag controls 'em pirates, that's why. When he be in trouble, he just asks his pirate captains for hand an' they be coming to the rescue. Just look at all 'em pirate raids against the Alphatians during the war. Think that be a coincidence?

'nyways, Caerdwicca be ta place ta rest if ye be looking for a nice town that be friendly to sailors o' any kind.