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The Orcs of Caer Fulnow

by Gordon McCormick

South of the great City of Selenica, a few miles west of the Duke's Road in the high peaks of the mountains lies Caer Fulnow. A mighty tower surrounded by a small village, the Caer is a home to the Orcs of the Severed Goose tribe.

4 years ago the Severed Goose tribe were attacked by their rivals, the Vicious Wolves, who killed the Chieftain of the Geese and many of his bravest warriors. The survivors of the attack fled into the cold mountains where they met another Orcish refugee, Xipactla.

Xipactla had escaped from Oenkmar a few years before, then was captured by Darokinian mercenaries and sold into Slavery. Since there is no slavery in Darokin he was transported to Selenica for his final journey to Thyatis and it was there that he escaped. Fleeing into the hills he discovered a deserted tower. Inside were scrolls which thanks to his Oenkmarian education, Xipactla could attempt to read. He discovered what he thinks are the last remnants of a great Orcish culture.

When the shattered remnants of the Severed Goose tribe arrived at the Tower Xipactla shared his ideas and also his shelter. In the years since the Goose tribe has become the defenders of the lost orcish knowledge. Some of the younger members of the tribe have started to learn how to read, and the older warriors believe they have the holy task of keeping Caer Fulnow safe from the hands of the humans or other humanoids.

Xipactla has recently deciphered some text which may indicate that the tower was in fact elven. He is not sure what this means for his ideas of an ancient orcish culture, but he has not shared this knowledge with the rest of the tribe.