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Lord Calentor Alducam, Baron Redburgh

by Matthew Levy

Male High Elf Noble Thief/Alchemist level 9/8
Str 8
Dex 13 (Aim 11, Balance 16)
Con 7
Int 15 (Reason 18, Knowledge 13)
Wis 9
Cha 14 (Leadership 16, Appearance 12)

244,500 XP, age 175, Alignment Chaotic Evil

hp 22 AC 2 (with rapier) Move 13 THAC0 16
with Rapier +2: THAC0 11, speed VF, dmg d6/d8+4, #AT 2

90' infravision, 90% resistance to sleep & charm, +1 to hit with all swords
can backstab for x4 dmg, bribe 75%, find/remove traps 30%, open locks 35%, read languages 90%, speak thieves' cant, move silently 80%, detect noise 30%
research alchemy spells as one level lower, bonus spells per day, learning bonus & penalty for alchemy/non-alchemy
traits: artistic talent, impersonation ability, moderate fear of heights
speaks Thyatian, Elvish, Gnomish, and Goblin all fluently
proficiencies: etiquette 8, heraldry (KW only) 8, riding 11, dancing 9, ancient history 6, read/write (all but Goblin) 8, disguise 8, ventriloquism 8, appraising 13, spellcraft 12, cooking 12, cryptography 11, streetwise 11, rapier (choice, specialised), wheellock belt pistol, dagger
specialised in one-weapon style (-1 to AC)

has Rapier +2 which casts Charm Person once a day, Elven Chainmail +1, Cloak of Elvenkind, potions of treasure finding (1), love (1), delusion (seems to be persuasiveness) (3), invisibility (2), healing (4), orc control (1), extra-healing (1), longevity (1), amulet of protection from scrying, Bullet +3 of Undead Slaying, scroll of Protection from Petrification

Spellbook: (5/4/4/3 per day) Level 1: sleep, read magic, detect magic, cantrip, affect normal fires, metamorphose liquids, protection from evil, grease, hold portal, identify, floating disc, wall of fog

Level 2: pyrotechnics, stinking cloud, glitterdust, detect evil, knock, darkness 15' radius, levitate

Level 3: protection from evil 10' radius, haste, lightning bolt, dispel magic, hold person, tongues

Level 4: fire trap, wizard eye, dimension door, polymorph self, fire charm

Calentor is the older brother of the famed Elven adventurer and diplomat Elgalan Alducam. Both brothers were born into a rich Callarii/Ierendi noble family and have the education both of urban citizens of the world and of members of the Callarii clan. Calentor, unlike his brother, is twisted and power hungry - whereas Elgalan's ambition has always been directed towards legal and honourable pursuits, Calentor (who is also known as "Mr. Kale", or as "Greenwood", the Thyatian translation of his name) is a schemer. In his early days he adventured with his brother, and often joined parties operating out of Threshold in the Cruth mountains. On one such expedition he met Prince Gordon Trefban and his entourage, but he never became friends with them - though he does claim his well-placed distraction-spells helped save Gordon from a Red Dragon's breath.

Of the two brothers, it was Elgalan who succeeded in becoming more influential in the Trefban circle; Calentor did however become a landless knight through the influence of Shellir Markelian, one of Gordon's inner circle. It was at this point that he also became involved in several business ventures connected with the Specularum underworld, including ownership of several brothels and connections to the Radu family. During the Thyatian invasion of Karameikos 20 years ago, Calentor was commissioned by Markelian to obtain gunpowder from the Andaregi islands in the Sea of Storms between Ostland and the Isle of Dawn. Calentor was gradually slipping further and further towards evil alignment all this time. He had a part in the formation of the Andaregi Consortium which monopolises gunpowder trade east of the Serpent Peninsula and which placed Marcus Margud and then Sho Sateka on the throne of Ierendi. Calentor also has ties to the Thugs' Guild in Glantri through Meister Jakar Daron of the Corporation of Alchemists, who has tutored him in magic from time to time. Several years back, Calentor acquired an estate on the edge of the Callarii lands from Duke Stefan with the help of Anton Radu; he was recently made Baron Redburgh.

At present, Calentor is on the Isle of Dawn in Trikelios. He is part of an elaborate plot to gain control of the Zzonga trade from Alphatia and Bellissaria, and is also involved in nefarious shadowy ways in the plot to restore Prince Jarakesh Trefban (Gordon's son) to the Mehirgudi throne. He is also being pursued (he does not know it) by Sir Mikhail Gorevitch-Woszlany, who recently ransacked Redburgh House back in Karameikos, believing Calentor has a powerful magical item stolen from him in Glantri. This magic item, a book designed to be read only by Prince Jarakesh, allows the user to predict the future results of actions; Prince Morphail (Mikhail's brother) believes he can decipher it and use it in the service of entropy. However, Calentor does not have it; he was duped into giving it up by the otherworldly sage Isomer of Benzene, who guided it into the hands of two hapless adventurers named Lorelei and Oswego, who have taken it back to Glantri, where it has been captured by Angus McGregor, sworn enemy of the Gorevitch-Woszlany's, who has not yet managed to tap its power.