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Callarii Elves

by Håvard

Elf, Callarii

General information: The Callarii are one of the largest clans of elves in Karameikos. They are related to the Elves of Alfheim, but did not follow Mealiden's migration all the way from the Sylvan Realm to Canolbarth (via Thyatis), but instead settled in what is currently Karameikos. They are skilled hunters and horsemen and travel across Karameikos on horseback or using riverboats.

Pale skin, pale blond, white or silvery hair. Eyes range from greyish blue to purple. Like other Mystaran elves, they stand about 5'-5 1/2 feet tall, weighing no more than 120lbs. They have large eyes, pointed ears and tend to be of slender built. Very old male elves sometimes grow beards, though most elves have no facial hair. The Callarii usually wear tunics or robes, often preferring brown or green colours, and often ornament their clothes with embroideries of leaf or other plant like patterns. The Callarii rarely wear any form of jewellery.

The Callarii are a merry and hard-working race, skilled with river-boating, riding, horse-trading, hunting and forestry. They generally keep to themselves, but warm up to those who demonstrate honour and a sense of humour, while react negatively towards those who act pretentious, dishonourable or rude. Unlike other Mystaran elves, the Callarii do not appear to other races to be lazy. In spite of their long lives, they like keeping busy, and feel uncomfortable when idle.

Age and lifespan
Mystaran elves are considered adults when they reach 100 years and can live until they reach 800. A few even live longer, a few have been known to live to be 1000 years. As with most elves, the Callarii tend to chose one of three paths during the course of their lives:

The Forest Path
Most young elves live in their homeland all their life. They learn the ways of the forest and have no interest in the lands outside it. Their lifestyle is one of endless hunting, gathering, crafting and playing.

The Wanderer's Path
Some elves feel the need to affect their world. Some are drawn outside and venture into the lands of humans and other races. They are said to have chosen the Wanderer's Path. These, called Wanderers are honoured as heroes, but also disdained by forest elves who do not understand them. After a century or so wandering they usually return to the forest and settle down.

The Leader's Path
This third path is the one that leads to the positions of Clanmaster and Treekeeper. They usually chose the forest path or the path of the wanderer first, but study the secrets of the elves as they go and eventually assume positions of high importance in elven society.

Callarii elves worship the Elven pantheon with Ilsundal, Mealiden, Ordana and Theleris (Terra) being among their most honoured Immortals. In addition, the founder of their clan, Lady Callarii holds a special place among the Callarii. She is the special patroness of the Clan and is also revered as a patron of Horsemanship. Horses are considered holy animals to the Callarii. The Callarii are rumoured to have a special Tree of Life, once given to Lady Callarii by Mealiden, and this Tree is said to have unique powers. It is believed to be guarded by Treekeepers, special Clerics of the elves.

Some elves also follow a form of mysticism known as the Silent Way, which was introduced by the mystic Master Elyas, several centuries ago. The Silent Way is associated with the Immortal Theleris (Terra) and those who follow this path are known as Siswa. These religious beliefs are especially popular among Callarii Monks and focuses on magic, meditation and prayer. The centre of this religion is located at the Temple of the Gray Mountain in the Radlebb Woods.

Callarii elves speak elvish (Callarii dialect) and common (either Thyatian or Traladaran).

The Callarii have lyrical sounding unique names. Examples are: Thalaric and Allandaros (male) or Sythandria and Stellara (female).

Callarii Lands
The Callarii live in all the woodlands of Karameikos, though most are found in the woods of Radlebb and the western part of Dymrak Forest. Their largest known settlement is the town of Rifllian set up as a place to trade with humans and other races.

Relations with other races
The Callarii are on friendly terms with most of their neighbouring races. They have always been on good terms with the Traladarans, and have established good relations with the Thyatian-descended Karameikans especially after the King Stefan I made Karameikos an independent country. One of the King's special military units consists solely of Callarii elves, which is seen as a symbol of friendship and respect between humans and elves.

The Callarii are also on friendly terms with other elves such as the Vyalia Clans and the Alfheim elves.

Unlike most elves, the Callarii show a certain, though reserved respect towards the Stronghollow Dwarves, who once helped construct some of their holiest temples. The elves also get along well with the Gnomes of Highforge and the Hin (Halflings) of Karameikos. They are also on friendly terms with Centaurs and other sylvan races of the land. They have little contact with Lupins and Rakasta, but usually view these with respect as long as they don't prove themselves unworthy of such.

The Callarii are hostile towards the humanoid races of Karameikos, especially the Goblins of Dymrak, the Orcs and hobgoblins of Wufwolde, the Gnolls of the Black Peaks.

Racial Features (3,5E):