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Origins of the Callarii

by Håvard

Part I: Tale of Lady Callarii

The elves of Ilsundal lived for many years in peace in the Sylvan Realm, that their Immortal Champion had provided for them. But King Mealiden grew restless. He sought some other destination for his people. Mealiden discovered the Path of the Rainbow and lead those who would follow him to a new part of the world, just as Ilsundal once had lead the elves from Grunland.
Thousands of elves decided to follow their King.

Accompanying King Mealiden, was also his lover, Lady Callarii. She was both fair and wise, and some say, as much a leader as Mealiden was. The elves travelled by the Rainbow into what is now Thyatis, then ruled by the Nithians. The Nithians attacked the elves, driving them off to the west. The elves were aided by other elves, known as The Vyalia, but it was clear that they could not stay there for long. Mealiden decided to continue his Great Migration north towards the Plains of Canolbarth where he would found his new realm. But many elves were wounded, or too old or too young to travel. Others decided to stay to protect these elves who were unable to travel. They asked Lady Callarii for help. She was the only one who could lead them, they said. Lady Callarii was forced to chose between her true love and the people who depended upon her. In the end she chose the people. Though the sadness of her lost love would remain with her in the decades that followed. The lands these elves settled in were known as Traladara and humans already lived here, talking about old days of Glory under the rulership of King Halav and his Companions. The elves were allowed to stay in their forests and they formed a clan, and named themselves simply the Elves of Callarii. But the elves guarded a great secret. For Mealiden had not been oblivious to the choice of his love. As a parting gift he gave her one of the branches of the Tree of Ilsundal, the holiest of all elven relics, so that the Callarii could plant a Tree of Life of their own. It is said that this Tree of Life, known as the Tree of Callarii has unique powers, different from the other Trees of Life.

Lady Callarii eventually achieved Immortality as an Epic Hero, and became the patron of her clan and of horsemanship. She is remembered for her solemn yet wise rulership. She is often depicted next to a horse since the Callarii are famous horsebreeders and consider the horse a holy animal.