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Callarii Woodlands

by Håvard

Location: Radlebb woods and western Dymrak Forest of Central Karameikos.
Area: ca 20,000 sq miles (rough estimate)
Population: ca 10,000 Callarii elves.
Languages: Elven (Callarii dialect), Thyatian, Traladaran
Coinage: Karameikan currencies.
Government Type: Clan, Ruled by Clanmaster (Allandaros Moonshimmer) and Treekeeper (Stellara Branchsinger) Clanmaster owes Fealty to King Stefan Karameikos.
Industries: Horses, Timber, Meat, herbs

Description: The Callarii live in the forests of Karameikos. These are thick forests of hardwood and softwoods.
Notable Sites: Rifllian, Temple of the Gray Mountain
History: The Callarii entered Traladara around BC 800, lead by their founder Lady Callarii. Since then they have lived relatively peacefully with their neighbouring races. The town Rifllian was established to promote trade with the humans, gnomes and dwarves of the country. With the arrival of Duke (later King) Stefan Karameikos, the Callarii learned to respect and approve of the new ruler and their Clanmasters have sworn fealty to him. They do not pay taxes, but some of their finest warriors serve as a special honour guard to the King as a sign of their loyalty.
Important Figures: Prestelle (Chief Trader of Rifllian), Clanmaster (Allandaros Moonshimmer) Treekeeper (Stellara Branchsinger)
Flora and Fauna: The woodlands of Karameikos are home to all kinds of animals and monsters, including many undead and lycanthropes.
See also: Gaz 1, K:KoA, B1-9, B10.
Note: The names of the Treekeeper and Clanmaster are non-canon.