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The Calamity Star, part II

by The Stalker

Yet some live through the Calamity Star though they shall suffer and be further cursed with calamities to come never far
though things look grim, yet to come is the worst

A scourge the Calamity Star is still
and forces all its bitter wrath to taste.
Whole nations its people abandon will
as if sunk into the earth with great haste

An unwanted war that all involved shun
grows ever more savage and runs amok.
Between stormy seas, where rises the sun next will fall the land of the crimson rock

Men vengeful and devout from garden dry seize opportunity lands to reclaim
as unwanted war will make people cry
reaching other lands, destined them to maim

As things turn grim separated brothers
renew their pact to give enemies pause
unity the lord from beyond smothers
as beastly wrath calls support to the cause

For the warlord hordes in conquest will lead to invade the most troubled lands of all just as the fortress of the rock will bleed and under morning sun's shadow will fall

Devout men from garden dry finally
cease their conquest, returning to their own.
Proud lands fall to cousins' hostility
so refugees north and south are thrown

War that grows in the north with obsession punished will be by a great pestilence
as lands cast off old bonds of oppression to find their freedom and independence

And winter itself will trap refugees
making them starve and die in mountains cold.
Surprising union the rising sun sees
that great consequences for the war hold

And so from the south great warriors small will aid the civilised lands against wrath.
The pestilence that in the north does crawl threatens to punish all lands in its path

The refugees their prison cold have fled to brethren in the south who hope them gave as the great pestilence further will spread to the lands that ban those who could it save

In massacre great foes each other slash as the pestilence claims both knights and knaves.
On the merciless sea great navies clash, dooming men to wet graves beneath the waves

And refugees fleeing north destined are to be caught by much pestilence and war.
To work on the greatest folly by far
the desperate student uses his lore

As great allies the plans of wrath will thwart and the conquerors from their lands hold back while devout men from north as none had thought the hordes of wrath will then also attack

For a great empire the time will come
When alone it utter defeat must face.
As enemies use tricks to make it numb
forcing so its defeat with much disgrace.

Refugees are among brethren once more,
unknowingly bringing hardships dire.
While many will then fall in the great war to either save or doom the empire.

And for great empires the time will come, when they utter destruction now must face and abandon their strengths, even as some the Immortal curse upon them will place.

The Calamity Star follows gloom's way
and due to despair and folly tragic,
it becomes the harbinger of doom's day
and will bring the utter fall of magic.

Leaders and innocent people perish
from the grand doomsday device's volley, destined entropy's hunger to nourish
by mighty mountain magicians' folly.

And victims so, in a great convergence, their greatest champions will gather for war, ending it so with anger and vengeance
such as the world has never seen before.

For now great heroes must soon find the cause and temper the mightiest wrath of all,
lest by fate's dreadful and merciless claws the world itself will be destined to fall.

As helpless Immortals can only weep,
quite certain it is that the end is near, as continents from the world doom will reap cursing the innocent to drown in fear.