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Alternate Mystara

by Andrew Collas

So my goals to create my own Mystara are underway. I am starting with just the Known World map from Isle of Dread and going from there.

I will be moving Yarlarum off the map, that's for sure. I will fill in that space with an "evil" country ala Mordor, but make the coast there the Savage Coast. That said the SC for me will not be Renaissance style, nor have the curse. It will be more like the Sword Coast from Forgotten Realms.

Next I am going to move the Ethengar Khanates to off the map as well, other side of Gilantri probably, and make that area more like Daradja from Artesia.

I am going to add Drow to the setting, as a secret and invading force, as well as Shadar Kai. More elves! Well, more evil ones ;)

Overall the world will be darker fantasy style and a bit grittier, with a dialing down of magic to JUST 5e levels lol

Culturally I will pick-and-choose what I like and discard what I don't. Also off map stuff will be as come-as-i-please situation, with Alphatia NOT having floating cities and stuff.

As I said before this will not be to everyone's liking I am sure.

Not sure how long it will take me to make a map, but looking forward to doing it.

I added in my areas of Drohm, the Savage Coast and Dáinn. Moved the Five Shires inland and the Daraokin to the coast. Moved the Sea of Grass to the other side of Glantri and moved the Heldann Freeholds to the coast where I think they make a bit more sense. I am sure there are many who do not like this, but I am rather pleased with it. The scale is based on the 24m per hex, but I prefer 30m per hex, so there it is.