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NPCs in Castle Amber

by Brian Caraway

I have my own writeups for the Ambers that are encountered in the mansion.... Understand that they are written for 2e, but let me know what you guys think.

Isabelle Amber, (12th level wild mage, Str 12, Dex 9, Con 10, Int 17, Wis 11, Cha 15, Com 16, Per 8; AC 10, hp 37, AT 1, THAC0 17, Dmg 1-4 (dagger), SP AT Spells (5/5/5/5/5/2), wand of wondrousness with 85 charges, SP DEF elven cloak (95-100% invisibility), Size M, ML 13, AL CN, XP 6,000. Personality: Curious, Keen. Magic Items: cloak of elvenkind, quaal’s feather token (bird), wand of wondrousness [85 charges, Encyclopedia Magica, pp 1502-1504]). Isabelle is quite pretty, and thoroughly insane (monomania, obsessed with magic, trying to gain a certain effect from wand of wondrousness). When encountered, the party will not notice her unless appropriate magic for detecting invisible creatures is used or in effect. She will follow the party for 2-12 turns, waiting for them to have a violent encounter with any of the family, servants, or any of the other denizens in the castle. She will not intervene on the party's behalf, but she will move to a safe distance away from such an encounter and use her wand of wondrousness on a random combatant. If she is discovered she will attempt to flee immediately, either on foot or by casting a dimension door or teleport spell. If she is cornered, she will use her magic to try and win free.

Personality: Excessive curiosity, keen. Insanity: Monomania (magic). Isabelle is one of the most reclusive people in the Amber family, because of her single-minded obsession with magic. The latest fixation is the wand of wondrousness she recently obtained. She has been looking for a certain effect the wand has shown, and has resorted to trying the wand on living beings. So she wanders the halls, looking for beings that are not of her family to experiment upon. After a close encounter with a pair of werewolves, she uses her cloak of elvenkind to remain concealed while she conducts her "experiments". She can only be found during a random encounter while the party is in the East and West Wings of Castle Amber, as well as the Chapel and Dungeon.

Marie-Helene Amber (13th level fighter; Str 16, Dex 12, Con 15, Int 11, Wis 14, Cha 18, Com 19, Per 15; AC 0/3 (+2 chainmail and +2 shield), hp 82, AT 5/2, THAC0 5, Dmg 1-8+5 (+2 longsword, specialized in longsword, Strength bonus), SP DEF Parry with shield (normal attack roll against the opponent’s AC), Size M, ML 18, AL CG, XP 5,000. Personality: Curious, Vengeful. Magic Items: chainmail+2, shield+2, longsword+2, necklace of adaptation). Marie-Helene is a vision of beauty, and she is also a deadly foe in combat. If encountered, she will take the measure of the strength of the party. If spoken to with respect, she will give some advice to the state of the current section of the mansion that the party is in when they encounter her. She and her brother Richard are trying to figure out exactly what happened to their home, and their elder brother Stephen. If asked about other members of her family Marie-Helene will answer honestly, even though doing so distresses her somewhat. In turn, she will ask questions about the party’s origins and intent, and report back to her brother. If insulted, no matter how slight, she will warn the offending party once about it. If she is challenged or is insulted again, she will attack the offending party until unconscious or dead.

William Amber, (10th level mage; Str 13, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 13, Cha 18, Com 18, Per 12; AC 4 (ring of protection +4 and 16 Dex), hp 27, AT 1, THAC0 17, Dmg 1-6 (quarterstaff), SP AT Spells (4/4/3/2/2), SP DEF +2 to saves (ring of protection +4, +2 to saves), Size M, ML 13, AL CN, XP 4,000. Personality: Greedy, Cheerful. Magic Items: ring of protection +4 (+2 to saves), Bag of Tricks, Boccob’s Blessed Book).All William cares about is gaining wealth, and how he gains it matters little to him. He can be a very charming fellow when he wants to be, and usually he does so when he is seeking to gain wealth. William is very handsome, and he knows it. He uses his good looks and charm to best advantage when encountered, though he knows little about the predicament his family is in. He might join the party for a time, but only if they pay his exorbitant fee of 1,000gp per hour, plus 500gp for each spell he casts, though a character with the Bargaining proficiency might be able to bring his asking prices down. He is not put off by any accusations of his mercenary nature, as he knows what he is.

Jean-Louis Amber (12th level fighter with the Swashbuckler kit; Str 17, Dex 16, Con 18, Int 13, Wis 15, Cha 14, Com 14, Per 16; AC 0 (leather armor +4, -2 kit bonus to AC, 16 Dex), hp 110, AT 5/2, THAC0 5, Dmg 1-6+5 (rapier +2)/1-4+5 (main-gauche +2), SP DEF +4 parrying bonus with main-gauche, Size M, ML 19, AL CN, XP 5,000, Personality: Cunning, Energetic. Magic Items: leather armor +4, rapier +2, main-gauche +2, potion of extra-healing, necklace of missiles [one 6 HD, two 4 HD, two 2 HD]) Personality: Cunning, Energetic. Jean-Louis is a rake, a scoundrel and a gambler. He is always ready with a charming word for an attractive lady, and a complimentary word for males he deems his equal. He dissembles well but if words fail to get him out of trouble, he has no trouble resorting to using his blades or even running away if need be. He is also a gambler by nature, but not quite compulsively so.

Richard Amber, the Lion-Hearted. He has been magically altered to look as he does (10th level fighter; Str 18/89, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 12, Com 15, Per 15; AC -1 (platemail +2, Dex 16), Mv 12, hp 66, AT 2, THAC0 5, Dmg 2-8+10 (bastard sword +3), SP AT Roar (all within 20 feet must save vs. spell or flee in fear for six rounds), Size L, ML 19, AL CG, XP 3,000. Personality: Optimistic, Courageous. Magic Items: platemail +2, bastard sword +3, potion of invulnerability) Optimistic, Courageous. Despite his fearsome appearance (simbasta or lion rakasta; almost 8 feet in height and close to 600 lbs.), Richard is a gentle soul unless roused to anger, then his ferocity more than matches his appearance. He strives to keep a positive outlook even in the most dire of circumstances, and never shrinks from what doing needs to be done. He cares about all of his family, and he is concerned about the fate that has befallen them. The small tribe of rakasta in Room 3 are beholden to him, and they will willingly follow him anywhere.

Isodore Amber (11th level mage; Str 14, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 18, Wis 14, Chr 9, Com 14, Per 12; AC 9, hp 34, AT 1, THAC0 14, Dmg 1-4+3 (dagger +3), SP AT Spells (4/4/3/2/2), wand of lightning (53 charges), Size M, ML 14, AL CG, XP 4,000. Personality: Friendly, Absent-minded. Magic Items: dagger +3, wand of lightning with 53 charges, bag of holding, potion of levitation.). She is quite attractive, though not as beautiful as Marie-Helene. She is dressed in resplendent amber and gold robes. While investigating the changes in the mansion and trying to find her brothers and sisters, she wandered into the forest and gotten lost. She will hail the PCs, asking if they know the way out of the garden. If spoken to in a decent matter, she will ask if she can join them until they find a way out. She knows little about what has happened in the castle, and was on her way to find her brother or sister to find out, and she has been wandering about the garden ever since. She will warn the PCs that there are dangerous flora and fauna here, and her brother Andre-David is always looking for beings to hunt in his realm. Personality: Friendly, Absent-minded. Isodore is arguably the most normal out of the Amber family, though her lack of direction sense is nearly legendary. She is beautiful, though not as much so as her sister Marie-Helene. She is dressed in golden robes. She is a nice enough person though she tends to wander, both physically and mentally. She is completely confused by the fate that has befallen the castle, and is looking for her brother Richard or her sister Marie-Helene.

Andre-David Amber (9th level fighter; Str 17, Dex 15, Con 18, Int 11, Wis 17, Cha 15, Com 2, Per 13; AC -2 (scale mail armor +4, shield +2), Mv 12, hp 100, AT 2/1, THAC0 8 (mace) or 12 (lance), Dmg 2-7+5 (mace +2, mace specialization, 17 Strength) or 2-9+1 (heavy lance), SP DEF Shield parry (+2 on the roll), Size M, ML 17, AL CE, XP 2,000. Personality: Arrogant, Cruel). Andre-David has been magically altered so that he now has the head of a large black goat and his body is covered with black, shaggy hair. His eyes glow red and though he has hands, instead of human feet he has goat hooves. Andre-David rides a giant elk (AC 6, Mv 12, HD 8, hp 36, AT 1, THAC0 13, Dmg 1-12, Size L, ML 15, Int Animal, AL N, XP 650). When he first attacks he will make a mounted lance charge, and then melee with his mace.

Magdalene Amber, an 8th level berserker fighter (Str 16, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 15, Com 14, Per ; AC 10, hp 63 (68), AT 2/1, THAC0 12 (11), Dmg 1-8+4 (+7; longsword+1, Str 16, specialization), SP AT Berserk Rage (+1 to attack rolls, +3 to damage, +5 hit points), Size M, ML 16, AL CN, XP 1,400. Personality: When not berserk, Magdalene is quiet and cynical in nature. When she is berserk, her personality is best described as daring and bloodthirsty, and will do whatever it takes to accomplish her goal, which is killing her brother for burying her prematurely.

Charles Amber (9th level mage; Str 9, Dex 14, Con 10, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 12, Com 15, Per 15; AC 10, hp 26, AT 1, THAC0 18, Dmg 1-4 (dagger), SP AT Spells (4/3/3/2/1), Size M, ML 14, AL CN, XP 3,000: Personality: Moody, Shy. Magic Items: ring of spell turning with 8 charges) is extremely sensitive to all sensations and cannot stand noises above a whisper, lighting brighter than shadows, any but the most bland tastes, normal smells, or to be touched by anything other than the sheerest silk clothing. He believes that he has gone mad, as have so many other Ambers, because he swears he can hear his dead sister crying out to him from her grave.

Simon Amber (12th level cleric; Str 15, Dex 11, Con 15, Int 18, Wis 17, Cha 17, Com 16, Per 15; AC 2 (platemail and ring of protection +1, hp 74, AT 1, THAC0 13, Dmg 1-6+2 (+1 adder staff), SP AT Poisonous snake head on the staff (save vs. poison or die; head is AC 5 and has 20 hp, if head is slain, staff is destroyed), Spells (8/8/7/4/2/2), Size M, ML 16, AL CE, XP 5,000: Magic Items: ring of protection +1, snake staff [adder], potion of control plants, broom of flying) Cunning, Cruel. Simon enjoys playing the part of the kind benefactor, but his heart is as dark and corrupt as they come. He will act kind and reasonable, but for only as long as necessary to gain the party's trust. When he does, he fully intends to strike them when they are at their least suspecting. If the party witnesses him during the battle with his sister Magdalene, there is no disguising the pure maliciousness on his face while fighting his sister. If a paladin is with the party, the radiating evil from the altar Simon was worshipping at when they entered is a dead giveaway that at the very least he should not be trusted.

Claude Amber (10th level fighter; Str 16, Dex 16, Con 13, Int 16, Wis 17, Cha 16, Com 5 (17 to other lupins), Per 17; AC 1 (platemail, Dex bonus), hp 71, AT 2/1, THAC0 8, Dmg 1-10+5 (two-handed sword +2, Str bonus, specialization), Size M, ML 15, AL LG, XP 2,000) Gentle, Just. Claude has been magically altered to look like the lupins that he is leader of in room #44. He will be cautious when first encountered, but if treated respectfully he will relax. If approached and spoken to respectfully, he will answer any questions the party may have to the best of his ability, though he doesn’t know much more than any of his other siblings. If asked, he will grant permission for the party to search the many tomes for any information, and will return to searching himself. If the party finds anything they wish to keep for themselves, he will ask for monetary recompense equivalent to 5,000 gp, in coins, gems, or even a magical item. While Claude is a kind soul, he will not allow himself to be taken advantage of. Any violence or threats thereof will bring down his wrath and that of his pack.