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by happylarry

Cameltaurs are a result of one of the less successful Nithian experiments in creating servitor races, for although they created a powerful race, they also created a race constitutionally unwilling to serve, but also one which finds it difficult to procreate. in addition, after observation, some Cameltaurs showed evidence of diminished sanity and wild magical abilities, which the Nithians felt was an unsafe combination

In the end, the whole crop of around a dozen Cameltaurs were dumped onto the Davanian continent. According to official records they were destroyed, but one of those involved in their creation Couldn't face destroying their pets.

in Davania, the Cameltaurs have never prospered - at times close to destruction, Cameltaurs have been moved to the Hollow World, where their magical powers have been sanitised or removed - but they have always survived, and have found ways over the years to maximise their breeding potential. there are perhaps 1000 Cameltaurs in the outer world, spread around about 20 extended family groups.

Males outnumber females about 5:1

They live somewhere in Davania - perhaps with a few small permanent settlement / winter base, but preferring to roam the bush?

For magical abilities, i'm thinking

1/10 males has wild magical powers - wicca level 6+d6, but issues with sanity

1/10 females has clerical powers - shaman level 8 - no sanity issues.

adventure hooks:
- one of the Cameltaur wild mages goes on a mad rampage, and the PC's have to deal with it - perhaps this is how they first encounter 'the beats of....'
- expanding dominions interact with Cameltaur 'lands'