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Firelord Saga

by Ville Lähde

5) Different Ways to Use the Campaign Scheme

There are of course many ways how this campaign scheme can be used. I think the most important things are: 1) the esoteric element offered by the Cult of the Starfire Sphere, and the strong links it has to the history 2) the ethical issues related to the anti-imperialistic and imperialistic ambiguities of Daricus. He is not your run-of-the-mill straight evil villain: he has a cause, and in some way a just one, even if his methods are vicious. Also the connection to the two Empires gives some spice to this campaign. Here are some basic suggestions:

- Thyatian Agents: Seeking the Mysterious Pirates - Alphatian Agents: Stopping the Zzonga Traffic Both of these are good, since they involve the political and ethical dimension. In the Alphatian case there might also be the possibility that the (some of) the PCs are trying to grab the power of the Starfire Sphere.

- Nuari: Insurrection against the Colonisers - Slave Rebellion. Even though built on very different backgrounds, these two will make Darícus much more of a villain. Of course these two can be combined.

- Explorers of Lost Treasures, or "What the hell is THIS?" This lessens the tension of the campaign a bit, since the politics of the campaign aren't so evidently present. A good lead into the adventure is required, not so crappy like in the Isle of Dread module.

- Others: The PC Firelord? Allies of the Firelord? Agents of another candidate, Barimoor agents... These possibilities expand the scale of the campaign as far as one likes, but will require even more work from the DM. Many things must be rewritten.