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Chaplin Thorn - member of the Hammer

by John Hare

Born in 980, in the Freeholds of Antalian descent along the Ethengar border he was taken as a squire by a sympathetic older knight when his family was killed by Ethengarian raiders. After serving some time with the Order he felt the call of the priesthood. His hatred for Ethengarians was moulded into a driving passion to seek out and hunt down all enemies of the Order. He is known for casting down at least 2 abbots of the Order before the schism, and hunting down many after. His is feared by most, because he will not let obstacles stop him from performing his duties.

Gaming notes: Cleric 12th level, Skills in: Laws & Justice (HK), Detect Deception, Persuasion, Interrogation.

"Chaos has been here! It is good that I got here when I did to stamp it out!"

Note: His zeal for hunting out Chaos is well recognised by his superiors, they have however been careful not to send him into any areas where there could be serious diplomatic repercussions.

Trying to work out the Knight who rescued him... but other than he used to drink to much I haven't gotten very far... maybe this weekend.