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Cave of the Stars (Shadow Elves)

by Robin

The cave of shadow elves is confusing. the description in the shadow elves gazetteer depicts the main map as being normal gravity while the capital should be on the ceiling. This due the gravity field in the middle of this cave.
The gravity is generated from the Worldshield, which is in the middle of the Outer World and the Hollow World, enabling life having a gravitational pull towards the Worldshield. See picture A, which gives this canon intention of the worldshield giving gravity to both the Outer and Hollow World surfaces (the large arrows) directed towards the Skyshield. And then the cave gravity towards both ends of the cave.
The text clearly explains the gravity issue in the middle of the worldshield's gravity field being zero gravity, and noth ends away from it would cause falling towards the cave surface on that side of the gravity field. Passages and tunnels go towards the cave as normal(brown)

However, the description of the Cave of the Stars is then actually wrong;
as the cave is placed in the middle of a solid section of the Worldshield as the text explains then the continuing gravityfield would still be located in the middle of the cave as the text explains.
However, this would be causing gravity TOWARDS the Worldshield not away from it , both surfaces of the cave would actually be a ceiling and unable to be used at all and the gravity field would be a mass of matter(including shadowleves and underground life) floating midair being pulled by the gravity towards this field.

There are only a few sollutions to this intentionally good idea possible
1) is having the gravity field in the centre of the cave as the text explained pulling matter towards the gravity field, making a mass of matter on which the normal map is placed and on the other end the city of the stars... and this all within the cave...This would allow normal gravity to the outer and Hollow World.
This would however mean the walls of the cave as canon mapped being open space with some bridges to the walls (brown) and that the locations are unable to view eachother placed on the opposite sides of the gravity field. The text clearly explains they are able to view eachother...hence the name cave of the stars. So this option falls away.

2=B) the Worldshield has a large bubble and is split with the bubble in the middle. Within this bubble is the cave of the Stars. This would allow normal gravity to the Outer and Hollow World. The seperate Worldsheld sections would each generate a gravity field, without affecting the gravity to the Outer and Hollow world. Yet also would create a smalll area of gravity within the bubble . This would enable the canon text being correct and gravity is as displayed in the text, complete with a zero gravity centre. The corridors towards the corresponding areas would meet in the general side of the cave allowing to go eitherway..up or down along the sides without ever knowing they changed gravitational orientation..Down is the main map, up the location of the city of the stars. This option would thus be possible and conforming canon descriptions

3=C)The Worldshield is as described, but the area which holds the cave is a bubble in the gravity field of reverse gravity (within the overall normal gravity), where both surfaces oposite are subjected to it and pushed out, enabling these to be tread upon.
This would more mimick the intention displayed in the gazeteer, and even allow the corridors towards the cave being affected giving some nausea as being changed. (this effect is described in HW trilogy).

Both solution B and C seem plausible.
I feel an inclination towards solution C being most plausible. It also explains or adds to the choatic effects of magical effects, even natural./biologicalones.

What are your thoughts on this

Science is a bitch to phantasy. yet might also be a boon if looked right in the eye ;P