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More Character Backgrounds

by Jimmy Rowe

Some more character backgrounds - two clerics of Traladara, two dwarves and two elves.

Ivor Romanov - Cleric of Traladara.

You hail from the capital Mirros/Specularum. You are one of seven children born into a life of poverty. When you were young your father was involved in an accident whilst labouring in the docks, an event which resulted in the loss of his right arm. He had to resort to begging to provide income to feed the family, an act which he felt deeply degrading. Your mother died giving birth to her seventh child.

As soon as your three elder sisters were old enough they found menial work to help support the family and somehow you all struggled through. You were sent out to beg from an early age along with your two younger brothers and baby sister A kindly cleric regularly gave you a few coppers when he passed by and one day he offered you a placement as an acolyte of the church. The offer of food and lodgings alone was enough to persuade you to accept.

You soon embraced the theology of the church and have spent the last five years carrying out menial tasks for the organisation around the capital. A few months ago you were offered a placement in Threshold due to the unfortunate demise of one of your religious brethren there. You didn't really want to go but felt obliged. Thus you set off for Threshold by boat, leaving your family behind. You are hoping to return to Specularum in the near future and as well as donating a 10% tithe to the church you also intend sending a regular supply of money back to your family to help relieve them from their poverty.

Serge Abramov - Cleric of Traladara.

You were born into an impoverished Traladaran family in Specularum. Your father has spent his entire life earning what he can doing backbreaking labour around the city, which gave him just enough to rent a hovel and put bead on the table. All you've ever known is poverty, never even having enough for a pair of shoes. You have two sisters, one a year older and the other three years younger. At your Shearing Ceremony your father presented you with a small amount of money that he had been saving up over the years. He is hoping that you will return wealthy enough to look after the family.

The Church Of Traladara had always held a fascination for you as a child and once sheared you only had one goal in mind, to join the clergy. You were accepted into the ranks of the church and have spent the first twelve months doing the work of an underling in the capital. Recently you were offered the position of an Acolyte of Traladara based in the northern Barony of Threshold, a post you readily agreed to take. You have finally arrived in Threshold after taking the weekly boat journey from the capital.

Drogber and Gimli Ironfist.

You are first cousins, both hailing from the Ironfist family. The Ironfist's, although renown as the most disruptive and boorish members of the Stronghollow clan, comprise a core element of the security sections of the Dwarven Highforge community and thus are tolerated despite their flaws.

Gimli is the son of Dumzil Ironfist, a seasoned adventurer who, when drunk (which is a regular occurrence), has the most viscous of tongues. He also had an unhealthy appetite for gambling, a vice that has seen him lose most of the fortune he gained whilst adventuring. Thankfully this compulsion seems to have abated somewhat.

Dumzil has aspirations of setting up a mercenary unit made up of family members, a scheme that could well provoke the ire of the majority of the Stronghollow clan if ever put into practice. With this goal in mind he has persuaded all the younger members of the family to set out on the path of adventure, where they will hopefully gain valuable combat experience and wealth to finance his grand schemes or die trying, a premise that Dumzil seems happy to gamble upon. Thus the two of you have been told to head for Threshold, a town which is a haven for budding adventurers such as yourselves.


You are a Callarii elf who always yearned to venture into the lands of humans and other races. Upon reaching adulthood you embarked on the 'Wanderers Path' and the chance to adventure in the world beyond the Radlebb Woods, your sanctuary since childhood. You intend spending many years interacting with other races and cultures so as to understand their wants and desires. You feel this experience will benefit yourself and your fellow clansmen.

Wanderers are honoured as heroes in your own culture but also treated rather warily by forest elves who do not understand this wanderlust. You hope that upon your return your knowledge will be put to good use by your people and you also harbour a desire that it might levitate you to a position of high importance within the elvish community.

Allanador the Vengeful

You are a Callarii elf who has embarked on the 'Wanderers Path' and the chance to adventure in the world beyond the Radlebb Woods. Wanderers are honoured as heroes in your own culture but also treated rather warily by forest elves who do not understand this wanderlust.

You originally hail from the Dymrak Forest but your home village was destroyed many years ago by a roaming goblin war band. Your father and many other brave warriors were killed defending your home. Fortunately they did not die in vain, as their heroic defence allowed most women and children time to escape the carnage. Although you were one of the lucky ones to escape you attained a severe injury from a goblin attacker that affected your constitution in later life (Con = 6). Your mother settled in the safer Radlebb Forest to the west and later remarried.

You aspire to eventually rid the Traladaran forests of all humanoids, in vengeance for the destruction of your home.