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More Character Backgrounds

by Jimmy Rowe

Eight more character backgrounds for your perusal.

Gideon Wellhausen - Acolyte of the Church Of Karameikos

You hail from a prosperous Thyatian homestead that lies north of Specularum. As a child you were heavily influenced by the strong religious beliefs of your community. After your 'Shearing' ceremony you travelled to the capital and successfully petitioned to be ordained into the clergy of the Church Of Karameikos. You recently achieved the title of Acolyte and your church superiors nominated you to organise a mapping expedition on behalf of Lord Alexius Korrigan. You have spent the last couple of weeks assembling a party of adventurers to accompany you on your mission to map the wilderness region to the west of Verge, a small village in the north of the country. On arrival in Verge you are to report to Sir Retameron Antonic and present him with the official sealed document you are carrying.

Elouise Letchcov - Female Magic User

You were born to Traladaran parents living in Specularum. Your father is the caretaker at the Guild of Cartography. After many attempts he finally managed to persuade one of the guild members to take you on as an apprentice. You didn't disappoint and soon learned the intricacies of the profession. Your employer realised you had more potential then mere map making and he introduced you to a mid ranking member of the Magicians Guild named Ella. She was suitably impressed and offered you the chance to study magic under her tutelage, a position which you eagerly accepted. After two years of study you are now ready to put your skills to the test in the world beyond the walls of the capital. You have accepted an invitation to join an adventuring party being assembled by Gideon Wellhausen to map a wilderness region north west of Verge.

Olindell and Dathanador - Callarii Elves

You are cousins and members of the 'Fetelis', a small order within the Callarii who share a belief in empowering the mind through the study of riddles and puzzles. This order often serves the role of strategists and tacticians. This group also studies the social aspect of warfare. They emphasise alternative means to defeat an opponent rather than direct physical combat, the use of magic being one such means. They also prefer non lethal method of disabling a foe if at all possible.

(Double X.P awarded for any foe defeated without resorting to physical hand to hand combat).

You have been given the task of venturing into the outside world to acquire new spells or magical items that will be of benefit to your order and the Callarii clan as a whole.

'Prince' Mikhail Molotov - Thief

You are a 'Prince' of the Vistani clan of the Darine, coming from the Molotov family, a prominent sub-clan. The rest of his sub-clan are currently prisoners of Baron Von Hendricks, having wandered into the Halag area soon after he took power. You were born in captivity, son of the 'King' of the Vistani. You recently fled the Barony after the death of your father and your goal in life is to free your people from the clutches of the Baron and be crowned 'king' by the tribe. To this end he has taken up company with a band of adventurers to sharpen his skills in stealth and combat until the time is right to wreak vengeance upon Baron Von Hendricks.

Thoric Fireforge - Dwarf Fighter

You come from the dwarven community in Highforge, a member of the Fireforge family of blacksmiths. Your family does not approve of your career choice, seeing your penchant for 'gallivanting around' as not befitting a dwarf. You intend to make a name for yourself beyond the confines of the Highforge community and have recently set off on the path of adventure and whatever fate awaits you.

Valmir Karsocov - Human Fighter

You were born and brought up in Specularum, the capital of Karameikos. Your mother is a Traladaran commoner who had an affair with a Thyatian born soldier in the Duke's army, who promptly ended the romance upon finding out that your mother was pregnant with his child. Your mother later married a native Traladaran man and had two daughters. Your step father brought you up as his own son and took pride in your 'Shearing' ceremony, giving you what little money he had managed to save up as a parting gift. You used this 'nest egg' to equip yourself for the adventuring career that lies ahead.

Romulus Londinian - Human Fighter

You hail from the Barony of Kelvin. Your parents ventured there from the capital when you were a newborn. However your father was killed in a street brawl with a local Traladaran when you were still an infant, the culprit being tried and hung for the offence. Your mother ended up setting up home in the poorest part of the city and you endured lots of taunts and abuse from the local Traladaran children throughout your childhood. Luckily you were handy with your fists and over time you were gradually accepted by the locals, earning grudging respect for your toughness.

Since your 'Shearing' ceremony you have been working as a doorman at a smart hostelry named 'The Tree Of Life'. A few weeks ago your employer, a female elf named Miranda, asked you if you would try and locate the whereabouts of her son Eltharion who appears to have gone missing. He was last heard of in the Threshold region where he had joined a band of adventurers known as 'Quantrell's Raiders'. You travelled to Threshold and were told the group were last seen heading towards Verge. Thus you have travelled to this village in the hope of finding out what has happened to Eltharion and thus gaining to 500 G.P reward offered by Miranda.