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PC Backgrounds from a 1000 AC Game

by Sal Ortega

Varis Londinian

Varis Londinian was born to a Thyatian family with a long history of warriors and military service. Varis great-grandfather won great renown in Thyatis as a paladin. Varis’ father retired from the Imperial Army of Thyatis’ cavalry and led a mercenary company based out of his ancestral home in the Duchy of Kantrium. The Duke was a friend of Varis’ father and welcomed the skilled warriors to help bolster patrols when they were between contracts. Varis’ father made quite a reputation hunting orc and goblin raiders through the Altan Tepes and Cruth Mountains- ranging from the Emirates of Ylaruam to the Republic of Darokin, all while spending much time in Karameikos. Varis accompanied his father on many of his journeys, learning the skills of a warrior and the talents of a leader.

His father passed away last winter, leaving Varis a small parcel of land in Thyatis and the Londinian ancestral sword. Varis travelled west to Karameikos, desiring to wander the world and seek knighthood. His father was knighted after his military service and Varis very much wants to uphold the family tradition.

Varis is tall and well-muscled, with rugged features and a ready smile. His skin is the olive tone common to Thyatians and his dark hair is cut short. He wears battered, ancient plate-mail that was worn by his grandfather. He is never far from the massive great-sword that has been in his family for four generations. It is believed that the sword has hidden powers that will reveal themselves to a worthy owner. Varis has a weakness for good ales and has a voracious appetite for hearty food. He can be hot- tempered and quick to fight with his fists in a brawl; but he is otherwise a model soldier and would make a fine junior officer.

Varis will always charge to the front of a fight, swinging his great-sword to devastating effect. A skilled rider, he can use a lance but prefers his sword over all weapons. Varis will not fight to the death needlessly, nor will he sacrifice men under his command (or his companions) without great regret. He is a devoted follower of Vanya, the Immortal Patron of Thyatis. Varis has two ultimate goals. First, he wishes to investigate the legends and power of his sword. Second he would wish to be knighted. It is not a measure of vanity, but a true quest to become a hero.

Kurien Starsong

Kurien is an elf of the Callarii clan, who dwell in the lush forests of central and western Karameikos. Like all of his clan, he was raised in woods lore, philosophy and magic. Having reached the age of nominal maturity, he set about on the Wanderer’s Path. Leaving his childhood home of Rifllian, he has spent the last few months as a courier, guide and militia scout for hire in Rugalov. His clan’s Tree Keeper has asked that he investigate the health of the small Callarii community that took to Alfheim (the elven kingdom to the north) if his travels take him that way.

Not wanting to make the journey alone, Kurien wanders Karameikos while waiting for a good opportunity to leave his homeland.

Kurien is a young elf of noble bearing. In fact, he is the nephew of the Tree Keeper and he grew up watching his uncle shoulder the responsibility for the clan’s Tree of Life. He is intensely curious about the Kingdom of Alfheim (and all elven lands), and intends to visit his clan’s recently established holdings there as soon as possible. While he gets along well with most people, he grows furious at bullies and oppressors. When in the company of friends and true companions, he is relaxed and jovial. Kurien wears scale-mail made by the dwarves of Highforge, cut for his slender frame, over the traditional green and brown forest garb of his people.

Kurien knows he would never be called on to assume the role of Treekeeper because of his older siblings and cousins, but he feels the need to set a fine example and act as a champion for his people. He is hungry for the knowledge of his elven brothers and sisters in Alfheim, Wendar and other places. He would love to study the magic and lore of all these brethren. He is also hoping to make a name for himself as a hero.

Like most Callarii elves, Kurien prides himself on his horsemanship and woodcraft. He currently knows no damaging spells and will typically use Faerie Fire to illuminate a target in poor lighting and then use his bow from range. In any combat, Kurien prefers to act as an archer. His swordsmanship is fair but he excels at the longbow. He will strike only if certain he is facing an enemy, otherwise he will remain cautious but take no threatening actions.

Yasmina of Tel Akbir (Female Thief)

Yasmina of Tel Akbir is a very young, impetuous and brave runaway from the Thyatian Duchy of Tel Akbir. A distant cousin to the Duke of Tel Akbir, Yasmina ran away to Ylaruam and then Specularum to flee an arranged marriage. Yasmina had long been an acrobat and tomboy from a young age, but after the theft of her suitor’s jewelled crown on the eve of her wedding, Yasmina saw she had a knack as a thief. Yasmina has determined to make her own way in the world. She is not a greedy thief, choosing targets based on their difficulty and she will never steal from the poor or the just. She fancies herself a swashbuckler and prefers the lightweight Darokinian Rapier or the scimitar of her Alasiyan ancestry to the more common longsword.

Yasmina has been known to disguise herself as a youthful man when travelling, but otherwise appears as a slender girl of 17 with thick, curly hair that is as black as a raven’s wing. She often wears the trousers, shirt and vest of a Traladaran man but she is quick to throw off possible pursuers with a change of clothes. Yasmina is intensely curious of foreign lands but is constantly afraid of her betrothed sending thugs after her. She has eluded them twice before, with one dying on her knife after an alleyway struggle. It was the first time she killed a human being and it chilled her for a long time. She does not casually take lives but has resolved herself to kill when absolutely necessary or when fighting inhuman opponents.

Quick with a disparaging comment or boast, Yasmina often finds herself in some trouble but she is blessed with quick reflexes and the wisdom to know when to run. She is running low on funds and is looking for opportunities for adventure and danger. Her encounters with hired thugs have encouraged her to leave the Capital of Karameikos. She has journeyed into the forests of Karameikos, working as a simple horse tender on a merchant caravan headed toward the northern logging and mining towns of Karameikos.