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Clerical Spells

by Chitekina

Words of the Scriptures
Level: 3
Range: 0
Duration: 0 (see below)
Effect: The cleric only

This is not a spell in the traditional sense, as it is never truly cast.
It stays in the spell slot for the rest of the clerics days. It is a religious passage that is memorised precisely, word for word. It is one of the few spells that cannot be memorised through meditation alone, requiring days of passionate studying and recital.
Whenever the caster begins reciting the passage, it creates an effect similar to Protection from Evil. It creates an invisible magical barrier all around the cleric's body (less than an inch away). While the cleric chants the prayer, characters and monsters attacking the cleric are penalised by -1 to their attack rolls, and the cleric gains a +1 bonus to all saving throws.
In addition, enchanted creatures cannot even touch the cleric! (An enchanted creature is one that normal weapons will not affect, one which only magical weapons can hit. A creature that can only be hit by a silver weapon-a werewolf, for example-is not an enchanted creature. Any creature that is magically controlled, such as a charmed character, is also considered to be an enchanted creature.) The barrier thus completely protects the cleric from all melee or hand-to-hand attacks from such creatures; however, it cannot prevent attacks from missile weapons. Enchanted creatures using missile weapons still suffer the -1 penalty to the attack roll, but they can hit the cleric.
If the cleric attacks an enchanted creature during the spells duration, the spell's effect changes slightly. Enchanted creatures are then able to touch the cleric, but still suffer the attack roll penalty; the penalty and the cleric's saving throw adjustments still apply until the chant ends.
The chant will also aid Turning attempts, giving the cleric a bonus of +1 per round spent chanting beforehand (maximum bonus of +3).
The chant may be disrupted whenever the cleric is damaged or otherwise physically strained. A Constitution check must be made, with a bonus of the clerics Wisdom modifier, and a penalty equal to the amount of damage sustained. The chant cannot be restarted for two rounds after it has stopped.

Turn the Other Cheek*
Level: 6
Range: 0 (touch only)
Duration: 1 round/3 levels of the caster Effect: One living being

This spell, and its reverse, can only be cast upon an individual that worships the same god(s) as the caster (which may be limiting, depending upon the campaign).
For the duration of the spell, all damage dealt to the target with malice is instantaneously healed. If lethal damage is dealt in a single attack, a successful saving throw vs. death ray must be made; failure indicates that the shock was too great for the healing to be effective.
The damage must be delivered by a malevolent force for the spell to be effective. Damage dealt by traps or accident is not healed by this spell.
The reverse of this spell, Eye for an Eye, forces an attacker to suffer the same damage that he deals to the target for the duration of this spell, even if the damage is prevented or negated (such as with Turn the Other Cheek).
This damage is inflicted even if the target would normally be immune (such as attackers immune to normal weapons).