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The Priest's Codex

1 Refresh by Angelo Bertolli

Range: touch

Duration: 6 turns

Effect: This spell will refresh a creature who is hungry, thirsty, and/or tired. They will be able to act, think, and fight with complete ability for the duration of the spell.

3 Sacrifice by Angelo Bertolli

Range: touch

Duration: permanent

Effect: This spell allows the cleric to transfer any desired number of hit points from himself to the target. The reverse of this spell, drain life, allows the caster to drain 1d6+1 hp from a creature, with a successful attack roll. The hit points are transferred to the cleric through healing. This is considered a chaotic act.

4 Regeneration by Everett Bradshaw

Range: touch

Duration: 1 turn per level

Effect: For the duration of the spell, the recipient of this spell will regenerate lost hit points at the rate of 1 per turn. Multiple uses of this spell can also regenerate limbs. This spell has no effect on creatures with 0 hp or less and cannot regenerate fire or acid damage.

5 Sanctuary by Angelo Bertolli

Range: touch

Duration: 1 turn

Effect: After casting this spell, the creature automatically takes half damage from all manner of attacks from creatures of different alignment than the cleric. The creature is surrounded by a faint aura of light when this spell is in use.