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Quick History of Classic D&D

by Håvard

Original D&D

1974 D&D (Gygax, Arneson)  
1975 Greyhawk Thief Class
1975 Blackmoor Monk and Assassin Classes
1976 Eldritch Wizardry Druid Class, Psionics
1976 Gods, Demi-Gods and Heroes  
1976 Swords & Spells  
1977 D&D (Holmes) works as an introduction to 1974 D&D, a transition to AD&D 1st Ed and its own thing. Only covers leves 1-3

Basic D&D

Basic D&D was a continuation of OD&D, but solidified things like race as class and returned to the pre-Holmes single axis alignment system.

1981 Basic D&D, Moldvay  
1981: Expert D&D, Cook, Marsh Introduces Mystara (then called the Continent) in the included X1 Isle of Dread.
1983: Basic Set, Mentzer Levels 1-3 "The Red Box", reportedly the single best selling TSR product of all time
1983 Expert Set, Mentzer Levels 4-14
1984 Companion Set, Mentzer Leves 15-25. Druid, Paladin, Knight and Avenger Classes as High Level Options
1985 Master Set, Mentzer Levels 26-36+. Mystic and Thug/Headsman as NPC Classes
1986 Immortal Set, Mentzer Beyond level 36
1991 D&D Rules Cyclopedia Collects Mentzer sets up to Master Set. Edited by Aaron Allston. Mystic and Druid available as standard classes
1991: New, Easy to Master Dungeons & Dragons Game (Boxed Set) levels 1-5, aka the Black Box (15th Print). Large Board Game sized box
1992 Wrath of the Immortals Revised Immortal Rules (Allston)
1992: D&D: Dragon Quest quasi board game requiring a Dungeon Master closely based on Classic D&D Rules, carrying the Classic D&D logo. Set in Thunder Rift. Not to be confused with the SPI/TSR DragonQuest RPG
1993: DragonStrike quasi board game closely based on Classic D&D Rules, requiring a Dungeon Master
1994: The Classic Dungeons & Dragons Game (Boxed Set) levels 1-5 (17th Print). Almost identical to 15th Print, but smaller black box
1996: The Classic Dungeons & Dragons Game (Boxed set) levels 1-5 (18th Print) Almost identical to 17th Print, but yellowish cover instead of black

Anniversary / Collector's Editions

1999: Dungeons & Dragons Silver Anniversary Edition. Identical to 5th Print (Holmes)
2014 Original D&D Premium Boxed Set Contained 1974 D&D and all the supplements with new cover art for each booklet, in wooden container.
2018 Into the Borderlands Collector's Edition containing reprints of B1 and B2 among other things.

D&D Fast-Play / Adventure Game

(Rules deviate from the rest of the Classic D&D family, but still does not carry the AD&D label and is not identical to AD&D or 3E.)

1998 The Dungeons and Dragons Fast-Play Game  
1999 The Dungeons and Dragons Fast-Play Game Diablo Edition Set in the world from Blizzard's Diablo Video Game Series
1999 The Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game (boxed set) levels 1-4. Connected to AD&D 2nd Edition
2000 The Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Game (boxed set) levels 1-5. Connected to D&D 3rd Edition
2000 Dungeons & Dragons The Movie Fast Play Game: Sewers of Sumdall Vaguely based in 3E, Pre Gen characters only.