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Centaurs in Mystara

by Håvard

The Centaur race was created by Ixion, as a gift to his beloved Nephele. Nephele is a centaur-like air elemental creature, so Ixion crafted the race in the shape of his lover, yet formed by flesh rather than air. Nephele, loving freedom, decided that she would let the race flourish and roam free in Mystara's wilderness. It is unclear when Centaurs were created, but it is believed that they were around long before the Great Rain of Fire. Centaurs are believed to be the first Tauric race on Mystara, but others were soon to follow....


Centaurs being trapped in the area when the forest died were turned into "Were-Centaurs" (What's their true name again?)

Alfheim and Wendar
Many Centaurs dwell in these forests, particularly around the Dreamlands of Alfheim. See also Aengmor for the Alfheim area after the death of that forest.

There is a large group of Centaurs living among the Children of the Horse. They have the same culture as the humans in the area.

There is an entire tribe of Centaurs serving the Golden Khan. They are seen by many Ethengars as the perfect union between man and horse.

Five Shires
Centaurs are rare here. Perhaps a race of Tauric Ponies (Halfling-Pony Mix) could be found among these folks?

Several tribes are rumoured to live on the Adri Varma Plateau. They are sometimes captured by wizards for use in their magical experiments.

The Knights have accepted one or two Centaurs among their ranks. These have become near-legends. Also a couple of Bariaurs have joined the Knighthood.

Several clans are found on the Kelvin Moors, and in the Radlebb Forest. They have also have quite a few Chevalls among their numbers.

Northern Reaches and Norwold
None, but there are several tribes of Bariaurs living in the Gnollheim hills.

None, but there are rumours of a race of Tauric Rockhome Lizards: A cross between a Dwarf and a Rockhome Lizard.

Sind and Hule
Few Centaurs have made it to these countries, but Bariaurs live among the Goatmen in the Black Mountains. Sind has Tiger-like Wemics.

Some Centaurs are found here, especially in Machetos and Vyalia. None in Hattias. They tend to stay in rural areas. Also, some Pegataurs can be found in Vyalia.

Cameltaurs? Hmmm... maybe not

Other places

Savage Coast
Centaurs live on the Yazak steppes. They are feared by the Goblinoids of the steppes.

Zebrataurs are found in Arica and other regions of Davania. A few tribes of Centaurs are found around the desert of Arypt, among the remains of the Milenian Empire. Wemics are found in the jungles of

On the steppes of Jen and in the Empire of the Great Khan, large tribes of Centaurs can be found.

Hollow World
Jennites have Centaurs among their numbers as do the Krugel Orcs.