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Centaur Rune System

by Lost Woodrake

I had this idea about Centaur Runes which I wanted to share. It is rather under-developed, so maybe people here could go ahead with it:

Centaurs have 14 runes that function as their alphabet, as well as for magical purposes. The runes are divided into seven Adamae (Culture Runes) and seven Daharae (Nature Runes). The division symbolises the double nature of the centaur: man and beast, culture and nature.

The Daharae are (in rough translation): Wood, Water, Stone, Earth, Wind, Fire and Decay.
The Adamae are (in rough translation): Book, Road, Forge, Cloth, Plough, Law and Tomb.

When a centaur is born, the shamans of the tribe have a vision of five of these runes - that are tattooed on the centaur's body. Four runes (two Adamae and two Daharae) are tattooed at the centaur's chest - and one rune (either Adama or Dahara) is tattooed at the back of his neck. The specific combination is considered to determine the centaur's fate, personality and profession. The rune at the back of the neck is called the "Head-Rune" and has the most important role in the interpretation of the combination of the rest of the runes (say, like a key in music).

I thought that this system might work well for Alfheim and Karameikos centaurs - although it might also fit centaurs from Atruaghin, Ethengar and other cultures.