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Sublime Cessation of Time's Passage

by Rodger Burns

Sublime Cessation of Time's Passage
9th LevelMagicalSpell

Range: 0
Duration: Instantaneous
Effect: The spellcaster only

This powerful spell invokes a subtle arcane mastery over the flow of time itself. Put simply, once it's invoked, the spellcaster ceases to age - magically or naturally - for a period of one full century. As this is an instantaneous effect, it can't be dispelled or negated once it's cast, making it much more potent and reliable than longevity potions or wish magics.

While powerful, this spell does have its drawbacks. To place oneself outside of time is not a natural state; once this spell has taken effect, the caster forever after becomes unable to gain experience, advance in levels or quest for Immortality. This holds true even after the century of unaging life granted by the spell has passed. In addition, the character's ability to memorise his daily allotment of spells is somewhat reduced; the character loses one-third his daily allotment of spell slots.

Use of this spell is fairly commonplace among the elder wizards of Alphatia, but extremely rare elsewhere. The fabled 'Council of 1,000 Wizards' is composed in no small part of mages who have extended their lives by use of this spell, many using it multiple times in succession; it's likely that many members of the Council still remember Old Alphatia itself.