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Character Sheets

by Adamantrue

These are three bitmap images that I've used in my OD&D campaigns. I should tell you up front that you have to shrink the margins on your printer to 0.5" (one margin won't quite go that far, I think its .667 or something like that). If you don't, your going to end up with 4 printed sheets that make a really neat puzzle that won't fit in a notebook easily.

The first is a Character Sheet. Based on the one included in the Rules Cyclopaedia, I've added spaces for Weapon Proficiencies, Wrestling, quick summary of magic items, and other notes. The only complaint I've gotten from my players (half joking, half serious) is that it was typed slightly small, but it can still be used with relative ease.

The second is the Combat Sheet. A supplement to the original Character Sheet from the Rules Cyclopaedia, it has space for Wrestling, Weapon proficiencies, and most of the basic information you might need for combat (Saving Throws, Armour Class, Hit Dice/Points).

The third is for my own use. Used for my NPCs, it has all of the information available on my own version of the Character Sheet, plus a space for writing the TPL (for those that use that rule). I call it the Quicksheet, and it can list the stats for two characters on a single page.