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Chardastes, the Healer

by Håvard

Intermediate Deity (Celestial, Time)
Portfolio/Interests: Healing, Mercy, End of Tyranny.
Symbol: A Bell
Home Plane: Elysia
Alignment: Neutral Good.
Worshippers: Healers, Traladarans, Slaves.
Cleric Alignment: Any Good.
Domains: Healing, Good, Luck.
Favoured Weapon: Quarterstaff.

Illustration: Chardastes appears not unlike the Deity depicted here.

Chardastes was a healer and Cleric of Petranida (Petra) in Traladara. She allowed herself to be taken captive by slavers. Curing the horrible wounds the slaves had suffered, she was able to start a slave rebellion, freeing hundreds of slaves from misery. The slave owner was in fact Leptar who also later became an Immortal, and the two remain enemies until this day. Chardastes was a Cleric of Petranida and she and the other Traladaran Three remain allies of Chardastes, who is often seen as "the Fourth of the Three". Chardastes hates slavery and cruelty and opposes these whenever they occur.

Chardastes appears as a young Traladaran woman holding a bell, or as an old gentle Darine Lady.

Chardastes promotes the ideas of freedom and mercy, and teaches that one should oppose cruelty and tyranny.

Church and Temples
Chardastes shares temples with the Traladaran Three (Halav, Zirchev and Petranida).

Note: Chardastes was originally described as part of the Church of Karameikos. However, this was changed to the Church of Traladara in WotI: Book I.

Note2: It has also been unclear whether Chardastes is male or female, but she is in fact female.

Source: B1-9 p 30 and WotI.