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Companions of the Shell -- Adventure Hooks (The Chariot & the Prophecy)

by Tristan Dunigan

Quest for the Sky Chariot

Along with searching for the Lost Scutes of Chelona, the Companions of the Shell are also searching for the fabled Sky Chariot that Chelona rode into battle thousands of years ago. It is said that once a Tortle of Good mind and spirit finds the Chariot, it will take him or her to the spot where Chelona's body rests. This site, will no doubt become a holy site for the Tortles, so finding it is a high priority, especially since the final resting place is mentioned in an ancient Prophecy! The location of the Sky Chariot is (DM discretion) The Sky Chariot of Chelona is very plain, much like one tortle would build, with two solid-wood wheels and wooden frame. It's dimensions are approximately 5' by 7' and moves on the ground as normal, but flies at a speed of 30 after the command word is uttered. It is capable of holding 3, Tortle sized, individuals. It looks ordinary enough, but when a good aligned Tortle steps inside the chariot, two gorgon-like bulls magically appear at the yoke, awaiting the rider's commands. If the rider is in possession of all the Lost Scutes of Chelona, the Chariot automatically takes the rider to the final resting place of the hero, Chelona.

The Prophecy

In the centuries that went by since Chelona's death, it is unclear who her Immortal patron was. The truth is that Chelona's death was merely a step in her quest to attain Immortality. She succeeded her goal and inscribed the prophecy herself on the grave of her mortal remains. Her goal is to bring forth another hero to stand for the tortles in times of despair.

Should the scutes all be brought to Chelona's grave, her spirit would indeed return to Mystara, but not in the way most people would think. It is the ideals that she represented which would rise and overwhelm the mind and body of the tortle who accomplished the deed. Naturally, non-tortles would never be able to approach the grave, as only a Lawful (Good) tortle could control the Sky Chariot's magic. A tortle who acquired either the chariot or any of the scutes by committing either evil or cruel deeds is bound to continuously lose one of the scutes before the mission is ever accomplished.

Should the prophecy occur, the scutes become part of the hero's shell, permanently imbuing the tortle with their powers. This tortle falls under the control of the DM who then can use it as a defender of the tortles, a leader of armies, and a religious figure.