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The Lock of Chateau Roan

by Tristan Dunigan

Heres one I came up with after Bruce's Lupin article appeared in Dragon. It also happens to be the first time the Companions of the Shell turned up in one of my adventures.

Picture This.......

The Kingdom of Renardy wants you! That's right, a call for adventurers has gone out. It seems that due the volatile situation with the Pariahs of Pflarr (remember this.. re: Nouvelle Renardy and the Bayou-a possible scenario) the militia is on guard for possible uprisings. That means volunteers are needed to patrol the frontiers and keep the Goblinoid Hoards in check.

The PCs sign on for this task and are quickly sent off to Chateau Roan. This is an important spot for one reason. It has a lock that keeps the Amber Lotus flowers from floating into the Kingdom. If this were to happen...the Goblinoid's could ride uncontested into the Domaine Royal.

As a side happens that two barrels of smokepower were reported stolen from a market in the Free City of Dunwick a few weeks back....could this come back to haunt the PC's? You better believe it!

To make a long story short...the PC's are to patrol the frontier and keep watch for Goblinoids. The climax of the adventure is a race against time as it is discovered that a large group of Huptai are headed straight for the Lock...and they have the missing smokepowder barrels! Who will reach the lock first???? Can Chateau Roan be warned in time???