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Chevalier of Rad

by James Mishler

The Chevalier of Rad is the closest one might come to finding a Paladin in Glantri. The Order of the Radiant Light, otherwise known as the Chevaliers of Rad is a new development; upon his return from beyond, Rad decided that the events of the last decade warranted a reconsideration of his "No Clerics" policy; he thus began granting some spells to his Shepherds, and caused the ORL to be formed under the guidance of "Prince Etienne d'Ambreville". Not all members of the ORL are Chevaliers; many are Wizards and Wizard/Mages. The current concern of the Chevaliers is to reverse the trend toward chaos and evil that is sweeping their country; while Rad and his followers value individualism and freedom, they understand that for freedom to be enjoyed to it's fullest there must be a certain amount of law and order...

Chevalier of Rad (Order of the Radiant Light)

Racial Requirements: Elf, half-elf, human, gnome
Ability Requirements: STR 9, INT 13, WIS 9, CHA 13
Prime Requisites STR, INT
Hit Die Type: d8
Attack as: Priest
Save as: Wizard or Cleric
Advance as: Paladin
Spell Ability?: Yes, Special
Exceptional STR: No
Exceptional CON: Yes
Starting Cash (x10 gp): 6d4


WPN Slots: 3
Add Slots: 3
NP Penalty: -3
NW Slots: 4
Add NW Slots: 3
Av Categories: General, Warrior, Wizard, Priest
Bonus Profs: Spellcraft, religion, reading/writing
Rec Profs: Etiquette


1) Detect Evil, as a Paladin

2) +2 on saves vs. Rod, Staff, Wand and Spell; saving throws are either Priest or Wizard (take the best that applies to the Chevalier's level) EXCEPT in the case of saves vs. Spell; saves vs. Priest spells are as per a Priest, and saves vs. Wizard spells are as per a Wizard.

3) A Chevalier also gets a special saving throw vs. any Wizard spell that does not normally allow a save; the Chevalier will save vs. any such spell on a NATURAL 20.

4) A Chevalier is immune to all forms of MAGICAL diseases (though not immune to CURSES which may cause effects similar to a disease).

5) A Chevalier may heal by laying on hands, as a Paladin.

6) A Chevalier wielding or wearing a Magus type item (Staff of the Magi, Robe of the Archmagi, etc.) projects a circle of power as per a Paladin.

7) A Chevalier can cast spells as a Bard of the same level. The Chevalier chooses three Wizard schools from which he or she may learn spells; if a gnome, these schools MUST be Alteration, Illusion and Enchantment/Charm; otherwise, there is no limitation on the combination. The Chevalier is not considered a "Specialist" in these schools in any way, and receives no benefits or penalties to the casting of these spells. The Chevalier also has minor access to spells from the following clerical spheres: combat, elemental (fire), healing, protection, sun. The Chevalier must maintain a Prayerbook/Spellbook that contains the formulae for the Wizard spells he or she learns, as well as the prayers used to memorise the Priest spells.

8) A Chevalier may learn to use any melee weapon; only the dagger and dart may be learned as ranged weapons. Chevaliers tend to favour light and quick weapons.

9) A Chevalier may use any magical item allowed to a Wizard, but not those allowed only to Priests. They may read and use Wizard scrolls.


1) A Chevalier lives to serve the will of Rad; following this is the preservation of the Magocracy; then the protection of the nobles and people of Glantri. If the Chevalier ever turns from this path, he or she will lose their spellcasting abilities until they have completed a quest; if they ever willingly turn against the Will of Rad or Glantri, they will lose ALL spellcasting ability FOREVER, becoming a simple fighter (they will also be hounded by other Chevaliers and the minions of Rad). Don't downplay the influence of Rad; he isn't a nebulous "force for good" like most Paladins seem to follow. The Chevaliers are his TOOLS. If they do not serve him as he wishes, they WILL BE ELIMINATED...

2) A Chevalier may wear any armour, but may not cast spells while doing so (including priest spells)! This restriction is partially waved if the armour worn is magical in nature; the Chevalier may cast spells of a level equal to the magical bonus of the armour (thus, Chain Mail +3 allows the Chevalier to cast spells of up to and including 3rd level).

3) A Chevalier must place himself at the disposal of any Shepherd of Rad, Prince of Glantri or Master of the Great School who might require his or her assistance, so long as this does not threaten Glantri in any way. To deny assistance to any of these peoples is considered a moderate offence.

4) As the "Paladins" of Rad, the Chevaliers must zealously guard against any infidel faiths that attempt to gain a foothold in Glantri, especially from the Khanates or from Sind.

Chevalier Alignment: Non-Evil (70% are N or NG; Rad is not terribly picky so long as they OBEY him).

There is NO Chevalier multi-classing...

Dual-class is an option, so long as the prior class was not that of a cleric to another Immortal; former Wizards are preferred.

Chevaliers DO NOT Turn Undead...

They may pray for their Priest spells and memorise their Wizard spells after the same rest period...

Alphatians are The Enemy, as are followers of Ixion, Valerias, Ilsundal and Alphatia...