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Chevalle (Kingdom of)

Location: Continent of Brun, forests on the west side of the Endworld Line. WB

Area: 29,300 sq. mi. (75,885 sq. km.).

Population: Approximately 10,100 forest folk (centaurs, pixies, dryads, etc.).

Languages: Fairy, Centaur, others.

Coinage: Barter; money from the Heartlands may be used.

Taxes: No normal taxation per se; druids and forest creatures tend the forest and perform similar tasks in service to nature and the centaur king, who also serves as official protector of the forest.

Government type: Loose clan federation, ruled by a clan council led by the centaur clan king.

Industries: Woodcutting, hunting.

Important Figures: Dessai (Centaur King).

Flora and Fauna: Apart form the intelligent sylvan creatures, wolves, bears, foxes, many species of bird (among which are eagles, hawks and owls), and other forest-dwelling creatures are easily encountered in the forests of Chevalle.

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Last Year's Events: None to report.