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Inner Circle Gaz 1: Independent Land of Cholonis

by Giulio Caroletti

Area: 37,300 sq km

Population: 95,700 (70% humans, 30% rakastas) Government Type: Cholonis is administered by a council of 11 Lords, hereditary nobles of the state. The Council votes every five year for its talesman, who has the duty of conducting negotiations, treaties, and wars, with the neighbouring kingdoms.

Important Figures: Lady Fuschia, elected Taleswoman of the Council Description: Cholonis is the northwestern kingdom of the Inner Circle, and is partly outside the area of effect of the Devices. This portion of the land, known as Lyxionis, is settled by about 28,000 rakasta, while the humans live in the area of effect of the engines, the proper Cholonis. Lyxionis is quite cold, and is a hilly forest where rakastas act as hunters, woodcutters and foresters. The forest of Lyxionis covers about 25,000 sq km, and the only big settlement there is Pavan (9,000 rakastas).

Cholonis, a much smaller region, hosts the human population and the capital city of Ydwan (26,000 humans). Most of the lords come from this city, although they have theoretically one seat for each of the eleven "cities" of Cholonis (not really cities, having a pop. that ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 ).

There is a quiescent conflict among the two regions of Cholonis. The rakastas, organized since 983 in the so-called Trade Unions (not officially recognised by the government), try to get more rights for themselves, as their economical situation is much worse than that of those who live inside the Inner Circle. While the central government's indifference at the subjects' situation out of the capital is well accepted inside the Inner Circle part of Cholonis, where the citizens are happy to be left alone and are able to live well thanks to the Devices, the rakastas would prefer a greater involvement of the Council, and possibly some economical benefit for their land.