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Christian Buzby

by Giulio Caroletti

28th Sviftmont 981, Vyonnes, New Averoigne, Glantri.
History: Christian Christopher was born in Vyonnes, son of two werewolves. He was adopted by Colette Buzby, a young adventuress who was only 17 at the time, but was already a good magic user. It was she that had slain his parents during a raid conducted by her party in order to eliminate a pack of werewolves who hid in Vyonnes, and to which his parents belonged. Colette understood soon that Christian was a werewolf, but she hadn't heart to leave a six week old boy to die, and grew him up as his own son. At 16, Christian was already a mature man, and he and Colette, who was by then 33, and an excellent wizard, capable of maintaining her age about ten years younger, fell in love with each other, leaving for Morlay, where they hoped to establish a new life together, both as werewolves. Christian learned the way of the forest and became a ranger, while Colette continued his magical research, and occasionally the couple adventured in the company of a Darokinian werefox named Weston. When Christian turned 22, he had a son from Colette, whom they called Alexander. Unfortunately, both his son and his wife were killed in a raid organized by Dame Genevieve de Sephora while he was away with Weston. Enraged and saddened, he vowed to do anything possible to bring the downfall of the Principalities of Glantri. He has become a friend and adviser to Malachie du Marais, and has personal friends among the Ten Thousand Fists of the Khan. With Weston, he met the other three members of 'Never the Same' in AC 1004, and formed a group that worked several times in association with Harold Boar. In AC 1009, Buzby was delighted to watch the destruction of the Great School of Magic in Glantri, after having spent most of the war in anti-Glantrian activities and espionage.

Personality: Buzby is a good and benevolent man, a real friend, and hates violence, but he has vowed to bring the downfall of Glantri and of the evil societies of the Known World. He knows very well that it is only utopia, but he will do anything nevertheless if it can help in his crusade against what he hates. Buzby doesn't like revolts and revolutions, and doesn't approve terrorist acts that will only harm the population. He thinks that only eliminating the rulers that are responsible of evil acts and change them with more proper ones the things will change. However, he is intimately disillusioned, and more than once thought to stop adventuring. He is often in conflict with the others, because he feels that they are not as responsible for their actions and their ideals as he is.

Appearance: Christian is of medium height, with blue eyes and blond long hair. He has a sad look in his eyes, and speaks always with a soft and beautifully modulated voice. He usually dresses like a huntsman or a woodcutter when travelling or adventuring, and doesn't like to spend time in cities, where he feels uncomfortable in more mundane dresses.

Stats (OD&D, AC 1010):
Werewolf 8th - Ranger 10th.
Str 12, Int 14, Wis 12, Dx 16, Con 12, Cha 17 Alignment: Chaotic good.

Note: there are no rangers in OD&D, but he is not really a fighter...and so you should use the ranger for OD&D that appears at Shawn's!