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Glantrian Circle: Chronomancy

by Wolfgang Razen

About the Chronomancer stuff...

I transformed the TSR Chrono-Book, which is far to scientific to use as a new class (e.g. evolutionary degeneration Spell, gulp!), into a Glantrian type circle.

5 grades (as usual), restricted on higher levels (6-12-18-24-30), far more XP-costly (10-20-50-100-200KXP) and highly risky (FAILURES OF 01- 05)

Here a sketch of the abilities (full description can be accessed here, note it is a Word97 document and is written in German.

1st circle:
Sense timeflow
Determine timeflow
Sense anomalies

2nd circle
Look into Future
Look into Past
Gain History knowledge

3rd circle
Control Timeflow
Cloak of time

4th circle
Repeat time
non-anchored Timetravel into Future

5th circle
Disrupt Time