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Cimarron County

Location: West of Gulf of Hule, southern edge of the coast, south of Almarrón.
Area: 7,984 sq. mi.
Population: 18,000, including 11,500 in Smokestone City. Roughly 60% human, 25% dwarves, 10% halflings (stouts), and 5% tortles.
Languages: Slag Common.
Coinage: Oro (gp), medio (ep), dies (sp) and centa (cp).
Taxes: 15% income tax, 10% sales tax in taverns, and 10% inheritance tax which includes money made gambling.
Government Type: Independent "barony" part of the Treaty of Tampico and Signatory Council.
Industries: Mining (cinnabryl), production of smokepowder and wheellocks (and flintlocks), ale, saloons, gambling.
Important Figures: Sir John of the Wain, Duke of Cimarron (count, human, male, Pa15).
Flora and Fauna: Standard for its warm temperate/subtropical climate, including kudzu, tomatoes, potatoes, maize, plains grasses, deer, armadillos, prairie dogs, turkeys, and eagles. Dangerous monsters include goblin and gnoll hordes found scattered throughout the Bushwack Prairie and El Grande Carrascal. Normal animals with Legacies can also be very dangerous.
Further Reading: Voyage of the Princess Ark: The Shoot-out at South Gulch, in the Champions of Mystara box set. Also, the Savage Coast online document.

Description: by Rikard Prospero

Cimarron is a small county that is part of Savage Baronies, despite the fact that they call their ruler a duke. Collectively called the Guardianos, because they guard the rest of the Savage Coast from Hule, the people of the baronies are well respected by the other nations, even though there is hardly any contact between them.

The Land

Cimarron is mostly dry grasslands and farmland with the occasional forest and hilly area. The soil is not very fertile, and compared to the other baronies, could almost be considered a desert. The flora that does manage to survive are stunted compared to most other plants.

Smokestone City is known for its saloons and gambling halls, as well as the rowdy crowds such establishments attract. Most halflings of Cimarron live in Smokestone City. Old Fort is a town built atop an old Thyatian colonial fort from long ago.

The People

The humans of Cimarron, like the rest of the Baronies, tend to be moderately dark-skinned. The Red Curse also gives them red overtones. Most humans have straight, black or deep red hair. Cimmarons has several hill dwarves living among them, and this is the only barony in which halflings (of the stout variety) are known to live.

Afflicted in Cimarron are often ignored by the upper class who can afford cinnabryl or priestly protection. Because of this, they tend to form their own little enclaves isolated from the normal people.

Cimarron is well known for its rowdy gauchos and the fact that almost everyone carries a wheellock pistol. The inhabitants are fiercely independent and prefer to let everyone to take care of themselves and not get involved in other people's business.

Cimarrons are proud of their national trade guild, known as the LB Trading Company. Although there is no relation between the LB Trading Company and the government of Cimarron, most people, especially non-Cimarrons think the two are indeed working together. This company is responsible for exporting the nation's smokepowder and wheellocks, while importing much needed food. The LB Trading Company has made several outposts throughout the Savage Coast, including the towns of Dunwick (near Renardy) and Richland (near the Orc Head's Peninsula), and most other nations consider these outpost cities as colonies of Cimarron, which is a logical conclusion since most humans in these towns are Cimarrons.

Recent History

In AC 900, Thyatian colonists create the nation of Narvaez, including the town of Nueva Esperanza. In AC 905, Nueva Esperanza declared independence from Narvaez, along with many other baronies. This lasted until Almarrón conquered the town in AC 939 and absorbed the surrounding territory.

Finally, in AC 980, the rebel General Cimarron lead his people to victory and Nueva Esperanza declared independence from Almarrón. His success was due mainly to the secret production of wheellock pistols and smokepowder, as well as Almarrón preoccupation with trying to invade Gargoña. The new nation called itself Cimarron County, and Nueva Esperanza was renamed to Smokestone City. In AC 990, Cimarron ratifies the treaty of Tampicos and was accepted by the other nations.

Cimarron fought against Narvaez during the Inquisition Wars which started in AC 1006. This war ended when Hule attacked the baronies, forcing them to unite together to throw out the invader. The gnolls of El Grande Carrascal took advantage of their weakened state and invade Cimarron as well as other Baronies in AC 1007. They were eventually routed by the end of the year, but at the cost of General Cimarron's life. His son John "The Duke" Cimarron inherited the County.

In AC 1009, the Red Curse, which was centred in a few locations just outside the Savage Baronies, mysterious spreads during the Week Without Magic and covers most of the Savage Coast, including all the Savage Baronies. The people must soon learn to cope with outbreaks of the Red Curse and the creation of new Afflicted. Most nobles scramble to find priests or cinnabryl to help their people, and Inheritors make themselves public to better spread their stored cinnabryl.

AC 1010 brought the invasion of goblinoids from the Bushwack Prairies, but again "The Duke" chased them away. In AC 1013, Cimarron agreed to sanction Narvaez and forbid its merchants or the LB Trading Company from selling smokepowder to that barony.

Don't Miss

The most popular establishment of Cimarron County is the Red Steel Saloon, located in Smokestone City. This is a rowdy tavern with dancers, gambling, and many brawls. People claim that at least one showdown (duel with wheellocks or the new flintlocks) occurs in front of the saloon every day. The Red Steel Saloon is the place to be if you want to make a quick reputation in Cimarron; or earn a quick death. Either way, people will learn your name.