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Cimarron County

Location: Savage Coast, southeastern reaches, along the Gulf of Hule.
Area: 7,984 sq. mi.
Population: 18,000, including 11,500 in capital Smokestone City.
Languages: Thyatian (Common).
Coinage: centa (cp), dies (sp), medio (ep), oro (gp).
Taxes: 15% income tax, 10% sales tax in taverns, 10% inheritance tax (including earnings made gambling).
Government Type: Independent county part of the Treaty of Tampico and the Signatory Council.
Industries: Mining (cinnabryl), production of smokepowder and wheellocks, ale, saloons, gambling.
Important Figures: Sir John of the Wain, Duke of Cimarron (human, male, Pa?).
Flora and Fauna: Standard for its climate. Dangerous monsters include goblin and gnoll hordes found scattered throughout the Bushwack Prairie and El Grande Carrascal. Normal animals with Legacies can also be very dangerous.

Description: by Rikard Prospero

Cimarron is mostly dry grasslands and farmland with the occasional forest and hilly area. The soil is not very fertile, and compared to the other baronies, could almost be considered a desert. The fauna that does manage to survive are stunted compared to most other plants.

Cimarron is well known for its rowdy gauchos and the fact that almost everyone carries a wheellock pistol. The inhabitants are fiercely independent and prefer to let everyone to take care of themselves and not get involved in other people's business.

Smokestone City is known for its saloons and gambling halls, as well as the rowdy crowds such establishments attract. The most popular establishment of that sort is the Red Steel Saloon; people claim that at least one showdown (duel with wheellocks) occurs in front of the saloon every day.