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Character Class Variations

by Angelo Bertolli

This is based on the idea that players and the DM will build characters for a story line, not just to suit their gaming needs. In other words, characters should have some panache or style of their own. This means the items below are not rules but rather suggestions on how one might play his own character. The player should be able to freely choose to do this, these are not rule changes. The DM may want to offer "rewards" (some are described below, if you look closely). These rewards are not experience rewards, etc. but instead take the form of some sort of reward in the story, or "good luck." For example, one reward for being an elf and not using your power to the fullest potential (as a ranger) is that you always seem to find food in the wilderness, you are able to befriend animals more easily (not attacked by bears), and you have a faithful pet (such as a dire wolf). And such rewards can increase as you go up level, because it's one thing to start out as a "ranger" and then not keep up with it, but someone who has been a ranger for 9 levels should at least have a dire wolf to help him. Again, this is not a rule change.

Paladin/Avenger: war-like cleric who goes on missions and uses weapons/armour to full potential. Note: paladins and avengers can go both for very war-like clerics, or very holy fighters. (war hammer, plate, shield)
Clerics: most don't care to wear armour since they don't really use it. (mace, holy symbol, holy water, sling; bandaging)
Druid: cleric who is very neutral and uses natural weapon and armour, and can use druid spells. (usually has pet; herbs, plant, and animal knowledge, poisons, animal friendship)
Ranger: rural elf, often vigilante who takes care of the forest. (leather armour, thief weapons, moderate spells, may have a pet; hunting, navigation)
Bard: one who is adept at playing music, esp. thief
Barbarian: fighter with good STR, CON, and HP, who doesn't wear armour much (or a lot of clothes for that matter). (big weapons, sometimes shield/chain mail)
Knight: special dubbed fighter loyal to a king, expected to maintain code of his knighthood, and given special privileges (and honour) in the kingdom.
Monk: fighter with good DEX, wears traditional equipment to his particular monastery, and keeps attuned to honour. Multiple attacks can be multiple moves. (traditional weapons, robes)
Elves: most common elves don't use spell books. Those of the fighting persuasion utilise armour and weapons to potential and may know a few misc spells. Those of the magic persuasion travel light and utilise spells and spell books. (plate mail, shield, any weapon, poor spells) vs (little or no armour, 1 or 2 weapons--no large, good spells)