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Cold adaptation/Restoration for Lizarmen, Troglodytes, etc

by Robin

Maybe they are just slow in adapatation to temperature variations, yet in overall sufficiently adapted. As the canon description describes the Slow spell to use as a reference, then you could also include the duration of this spell as a measurement of temperature adaptation/restoration. So when the spell describes as 3 Turns(30 minutes), I suggest the duration of adaptation or restoration to sudden temperature changes would be 3 Turns/half an hour.

Lizardmen/Troglodytes Exposure limit to general cold; 3 Turns per constitution point over 11(general average).
Caymen Exposure limit to general cold; 3 Turns per constitution point over 14,
Tortles and Gatormen Exposure limit to general cold; 3 Turns per constitution point over 9.
Frogmen/Giant Frogs Exposure limit to general cold; 3 Turns per constitution point over 12.
This effect is generally needed if the inside and outside temperature vary over 30 degrees, and the general temerature outside is lower than 5 degrees celsius(just above freezing).
I would add 3 turns extra to their exposure limit, if using some kind of fur/clothing like cloaks.

So For a Lizardmen/Troglodyte or similar, they would need to adapt for about 3 turns before entering the general cold from their warmer caves, and need 3 Turns to restore to activity when exposed to sudden temperature effects; Like a cold Gust of Wind, ant Ice/cold magic, White dragon breath, or sudden change of weather(snow, hail, wind, rain).
Restoration must also be in an environment of 30 degrees warmer than the general cold temperature, or minimal 15 degrees celsius (whichever comes first is good).

So Cuchslich the Troglodyte guard with a constitution of 14, can roam around in winter, or during a cold thunderstorm for 3x3=9 Turns without becoming slowed, then needs to rest in an somewhat warmer environment for the duration of 3 Turns, to be able to do the same again.

This means the canon description stays as it is, yet the activity as suggested and locations they live in become more generally acceptable.

And as the cold is a corporeal slow effect, it could be used to stop open wounds from vbleeding profusely, and killing the character. Apply cold, the creature moves at half speed, yet will no longer lose hp due open wounds. and if safe in a warmer cave or similar, it can be bound/healed as normal.

One physical attribute to the exposure to cold I would also add, and that is the creature dullens in color, becomes more pale version of the colors it had. This way anybody aware of this can determine who is slowed or not(which can be benificial to both sides).

Cuchslich, looked at the Goblin wokani who accidentally threw him a blast of Cold air when entering the general exit cave; "W-wasss, tzzzatt necccesssar-rr-rry? Now-w wwwe havvve to wait.., hafff an hourrr. Sss-ssstupid Wokan"
"Not mi falt, you sudden appeared. Ya still have ta wait to go outside."