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by paladinn

Thinking of ways to enhance "mainline" fighters (as opposed to paladins, etc.). One of the concepts I've seen in a number of Classic/OSR and D20 games is "cleave", the ability for a fighter to get an immediate extra attack upon dropping a foe. This also kind of fulfills the purpose of the "mook" rule, where fighters get multiple attacks against creatures of 1HD or less.

Eventually I want to give fighters a straight-up extra attack about 10th level. But in the meantime, this would help fill in the power gap a bit. A few questions come to mind though:

1. Should this be limited to "plain" fighters? I think C&C gives it (or a variation) to rangers as well.

2. When should this become available? I was thinking around 3rd level

3. Should there be limits on how many cleaves you get? The mook rule typically limits you to 1 attack/level

4. I'm also considering adapting the "smash" combat option, where you can add to your damage by taking a penalty to your attack role.

Does anyone allow cleave or smash in their Classic-level games? Any specifics on how it works?

So here's my thought.. A single-classed, "basic" fighter around 3rd level gets the ability to cleave.

1. Upon dropping (i.e. reducing to 0 hp) a foe, s/he gets another attack on an adjacent foe.
2. The attacks can continue until missing an attack Or hitting a foe that doesn't drop Or a maximum number of attacks equal to his/her level.
3. Each successive attack is at -1 to hit and damage, cumulative.

I think this accomplishes the objective of "mook fighting", but also sufficiently limits what happens on a fighter's turn.

The one drawback I can think of is, what about archers/marksmen? Not sure if/how this could be tweaked for them.

I know BECMI allows "fighter combat options" like smash, disarm, etc. around level 9, and a straight-up extra attack about level 12. I'm thinking to give the "real" extra attack about level 10 (since I have 20 levels in mind). I don't recall seeing a cleave option in BECMI, and I wondered if someone had adapted it for a basic/classic/OSR type game.