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by Giampaolo Agosta

The temple clergy stands at the lowest rank in the religious hierarchy, yet these clerics have the important role of keeping the hierarchy and the commoners in touch.

Requirements: Clerics are the most common, and lowest ranking, priests of the Temple of Chaos, so the requirements to join the kit are not hard.

Chaotic characters of either gender and all ethical standing can join, provided they meet requirements for the cleric class.

Role: Clerics operate the local temples and shrines. It is their duty to guide and instruct the people. They try to bring out the "holiness" in each person, so they might prepare some fore testing by the Diviners.

All clergy have normal clerical abilities as regards spells and fighting. They too can be arrested or rewarded by the Diviners.

Weapon Proficiencies: Members of the Hulean clergy can use any weapon allowed to standard clerics.

Non-weapon Profs: Bonus: Ceremony (Bozdogan), Religion (Temple of Chaos).

Required: Bureaucracy.

Recommended: Ceremony (any other Immortal worshipped in the local Temple of Chaos).

Equipment: Clergymen may use any kind of armour, and all shields. They don't have any special dressing requirement.

Access to Spheres: Major: All, Astral, Charm, Combat, Divination, Guardian, Healing, Necromantic, Protection, Summoning, Sun (reversed spells only), Chaos, Wards.

Granted Powers: Control Undead.

Special Benefits: Clergy will be hosted by any Temple of Chaos in the land, in exchange for some help. As long as the priest stays with his fellows, he is supposed to help them in their ordinary tasks.

The Clergyman can also command commoners, and are able to gather as many warriors as one half their level.

The warriors are 1st level fighters, possibly Defenders of Bozdogan or some other Chaotic Immortal, and will serve for 1 day per level of the priest.

Special Hindrances: Clergymen are expected to take care of the local temples, so they cannot move too often from their home town.

Also, they are the lowest rank of the religious hierarchy, and not only they must obey Diviners and Holy Men, but they are also less respected than Prophets and Hermits, who are more likely to be asked to act as judges or advisers.

Starting Funds: As standard clerics, members of the Hulean clergy receive 3d6 x 10 Liras as starting funds, and must return all unspent money but a few (2 or 3) Liras.