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Clerical spells

by Geoff Gander

Determine Ailment

Level 2
Range: Touch
Duration: Instantaneous
Effect: Allows caster to determine subject's ailment.
This spell allows the caster to determine what sort of illness - mental or physical - is afflicting any one person or creature. The cleric need only touch the subject to be examined, and he or she will intuitively know what is wrong with them. It should be noted that this spell does not cure the subject, nor does it provide the cleric with the knowledge required to do so; it only tells him or her what is wrong. This spell is still especially useful for those people rendered comatose or otherwise unable to communicate due to illness.


Level 4
Range: 0' (caster only)
Duration: 2 turns/level of caster
Effect: Turns any room or zone up to 20'x20'x20' into a protected area.
When cast, the sanctuary spell allows the cleric to turn any room or area up to 20' cubed into a safe zone, into which no hostile or aggressive creatures, or any offensive spells, may enter. If cast in a room, all windows and doors become impassable to those of violent or hostile intent. Those within the protected area may freely enter or leave it, though upon returning they may not have any violent thoughts or intentions. This spell, when cast, lasts throughout the duration, unless those within the protected zone commit violent acts, or unless a violent creature was within the area of effect when the spell was cast. In either case, the spell will fail. Note that sanctuary does not shield those under its protection from wizard eye, ESP, clairaudience, or similar scrying spells.

Cure Insanity

Level 5
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
Effect: Permanently cures a person of one insanity.
This spell slows the caster to cure one mental ailment afflicting a person by touching them. If the target has more than one insanity, the DM should determine which insanity is cured. The reverse of this spell, cause insanity, gives the target one mental illness, either determined by the DM, or using the guidelines provided by The Complete Guide to Sanity for Fantasy Role-Playing Games, or Insanity, Horror, and the Outer Beings in Mystara. It should be noted that casting cause insanity is a chaotic act.