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Clerics and Speciality Priests

by Paul Dooley

In my opinion there are two distinct types of priests on Mystara (plus Druids of course), Pantheonists such as followers of Church of Karameikos, and those with specific Immortal patrons (In AD&D, what with the PO series, it is now possible to make each specialist a unique individual as far as spells allowed, granted powers etc, whilst keeping them sort of balanced). So heres my take on the whole thing.

Generic Cleric (0CP left)
Sphere Access (using POSM lists)
Major: All, Astral, Charm, Combat, Divination, Guardian, Healing, Necromantic, Protection, Summoning.
Minor: Elemental Earth, Elemental Water.
Abilities: Blunt weapons, Any armour, Turn undead, Followers (as normal), Lay on hands as paladin, -1 to speed of spellcasting (min. = 1)
Penalties: -1 spell of each level (before wis bonus, and if total now <1 then don't get wis bonus at that level)

Speciality Priest (120CP left)
Abilities: Free minor access to spheres of patron eg. Thought = thought and elemental air, Time = time and water, Energy = fire and chaos, Matter = earth and law. Major access costs difference minor to major.
Patrons gift from WotI
Penalties: Must take both Ceremony (patron) and Religion proficiencies at 1st level.
Have an observance that MUST do once per day else no spells or abilities.
All else is fluid and entirely up to the GM as they see fit but heres some I've reworked from the Birthright stuff in Dragon (sorry cant remember which issue), and elsewhere.

50CP Mage of 1/2 level (round down). If take both mage WP and NWP (10CP) then can use mage only items
50CP Thief of 1/2 level (round up). If take both thief WP and NWP (10CP) then can use thief only magic items
15CP Warrior att/rnd, but only if have warrior thac0, NWP, D10 for HD, and all weapons. Use warrior items
The above can only be taken if the patron is know to favour such a class eg. Asterius for thieves
-5CP Cannot use shield. Warriors can take this also