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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Clovius is 34 years old, born in Thyatis City and having lived his entire life there. He was married 13 years ago, is the father of three and has owned a small tailor's shop in the city for the past 9 years, having inherited it from his parents. Along with his wife, he runs the business and lives a generally quiet life.
Personality: Always kind to his customers, Clovius is a normal guy. He doesn't go into the 'dangerous' areas of the city or get involved much in politics. He does do his voting, like any loyal Thyatian citizen, and fusses about his kids' safety and education. He cares deeply for his wife and would give anything to ensure her happiness. He sees the adventuring types as nuts who needlessly endanger their lives but is very willing to celebrate when those same types help perform a major deed for the sake of Thyatis. He complains a bit about the imperialistic, elitist Alphatians and has some stereotypes about other Mystarans but treats all customers well regardless. He is an honest person and a follower of the Thyatian deities, paying each the necessary respect. The only people he truly hates are some of the other tailors in the city who he perceives as stealing his business, but he is friends with most of the others in his trade.
Appearance: Clovius stands 6'1" despite a slight stoop and is of medium build. He wears light colours, nothing gaudy or extravagant. He has a fondness for hats and has a rather wide collection of those in his home. He has of 'white' skin coloration and has short-cut black hair. He is always cleanly shaven.
Combat Notes: He is a normal man. AC 9 (no armour); hp 6; at 0; d 0 ; save NM; ML 10; S 14, I 10, W 12, D 15, Co 11, Ch 14. Languages: Thyatian, Common. General Skills: Profession (Tailor) (I+1), Bargain (Ch), Persuasion (Ch)