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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Coali is a 25-year old ogre, a former star of the arena for her tlachtli play. Little is known about her pre-arena past despite her recent prominence. Two years ago she retired from active competition and now serves in the capacity of arena manager, coaching teams for a fee and ensuring prisoners used in the arena stay in line.
Personality: Coali is gruff and violent, a temperament that won her high praise when she was a tlachtli star. A well-known figure, she can get away with a lot that others might not, including the murder of prisoners brought to the arena when those prisoners get out of line. Her fame has also gone to her head, giving her quite the superiority complex. She demands the utmost respect and those who are insufficiently flattering are in for a pounding.
Appearance: Standing near 10 feet tall, this grey-skinned giant is an authoritative sight. Belonging to the group Homo Monstrum Bellicosus, she has braided blond hair and wide grey eyes. She keeps her teeth nicely filed to make her looking even more fearsome - hardly needed given her height and the size of her biceps. She wears fairly bland clothing or armour and usually carries a whip or sword.
Combat Notes: She is a 5th-level ogre. AC by armour or 9; hp 52; at 1; D 1-4+3+entangle (skilled with whip, strength bonus) or 1-8 +5 (basic skill with sword+2, strength bonus); save F8; ML 12; Al C; S 18, I 7, W 10, D 12, Co 14, Ch 11. General Skills: Muscle 18, Drinking 15, Intimidation 19.