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Coberham Shadowglint

by Marco Dalmonte

Patron of Hins, Protector of the Five Shires, First Master
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 10 (Temporal), N, Energy
Symbol: a black flame
Portfolio: halflings, magic, blackflame, mysteries, knowledge
Worshipped in: Known World (Five Shires, Minrothad), Norwold and wherever a Crucible of Blackflame is present
Appearance: a middle sized hin clad all in black, with an aura of blackflames flickering around him constantly which obfuscates his features; the only unmistakable feature of his visage is his silver-sparkling eyes and his magnetic gaze.
LIKELY THEORY: in life he was probably the first Hin Keeper who discovered the secret of Blackflame under the Black Peaks Mountains, creating the first Crucible and harnessing the magical powers of Blackflame in the VIII century BC. Thanks to the Blackflame powers, the hin resistance finally got the edge over the humanoids, and led by the brave and charismatic Gunzuth (Brindorhin) the hins finally earned their freedom in BC 610 at the end of the Time of Heroes. Later Coberham taught the mysteries of Blackflame to a small cadre of loyal followers creating the first Hin Keepers and he became the most powerful mage of the whole area. He then proceeded to create a unique magical network all around the Shires to protect them by exploiting the Crucibles of Blackflame. This way he finally succeeded in his quest on the Path of Paragon and reached immortality in the Sphere of Energy in the VI century BC.
Coberham is as much wise as he is silent. He loves to ponder the deep issues of the Multiverse and to study all unique and innovative forms of magic. He never stopped to examine the Blackflame and learn about its origins and powers, inviting all his followers to handle these mysteries with care and secrecy. He's a loyal friend of Brindorhin, who shared with him the epic deeds of the Time of Heroes, and finds Nob Nar and Raven the perfect embodiment of the typical merry and easygoing hin. He's got a deep respect for Ixion and Noumena, although he cannot really count them among his allies. His only enemies are the immortal patrons of orcs and goblins.
Patron: unknown [likely: Ixion]
Allies: Brindorhin, Nob Nar, Raven
Enemies: Karaash, Yagrai, Wogar
Classic D&D stats:
Followers' Alignment: any
Weapons: none preferred (allowed all small and medium sized weapons)
Clerics' skills & powers: +1 Intelligence bonus. Some clerics belong to the caste of the Keeper of Blackflame (a special priest subclass detailed in Tome of Mystaran Magic).
Paladins' skills & powers: Coberham's paladins are the Hin Masters (see GAZ8)
Spells: ceremony (1st), cornucopy (3rd).
D&D 3E stats:
Domains: Energy, Magic, Knowledge, Fire
Preferred weapon: siangham
Sources: GAZ8