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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patroness of Gyerian and Faenare

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 12th (Temporal), CG, Thought
Symbol: the silhouette of a rooster’s head
Portfolio: gyerian, faenare, survival, liberty, family, song and music
Worshipped in: Arm of the Immortals, Known World (Broken Lands), Serraine, Skothar (Jen), Midlands
Appearance: a gyerian or a faenare (based on the disciples to which she manifests) of gigantic dimensions with white plumage, golden crest, bronze bill and claws.
History: PROBABLE THEORY: Cochere was one of the first gyerians (a race of humanoid birds) living on Mystara during the Blackmoorian age. Cochere was the first to acquire a flicker of intelligence among the members of her race, and succeeded to guide her tribe towards the more fertile pastures, defending them from predators and assuring the continuation of the species. After epic adventures in the continent of Skothar to search for an artefact of Thought that also allowed her kind to develop superior intelligence, Cochere saved numerous gyerian during the events of the Great Rain of Fire making them migrate to Brun. In the tremendous winter that followed, for allowing the survival of her people realised the Egg of Wonder, a magic item able to create from nothing anything its owner wishes, after he has accurately brooded it for a whole year. With this invention Cochere was noticed by Korotiku, who guided her to complete the path of the Epic Hero in 2920 BC. From the moment of her ascension, Cochere has always kept vigil over the gyerians and protected their existence, favouring their migration across the continents and forming the gyerian culture based on nomadism, in a way of allowing her kind to more easily escape the predators and of procuring here the more abundant resources. The gyerians today survive in the plains of central Brun and Skothar thanks to her intercession. Later, Cochere was also responsible for the creation of the faenare race, born from her desire of bringing to the gyerian those improvements that instead her descendents didn’t acquire. It was so that make the faenare more graceful and harmonic, and especially the creation of wings able to fly, permitting them to seek refuge from the predators on the highest summits (making their survival easier in respect to that of the gyerians and favoured the creation of a very sedentary society). Cochere has never revealed her name to the faenare (and for this is worshipped as the Nameless Mother), and the address towards a chick of life about to the solidarity among broods and to the love for harmony and music.
Personality: Cochere is a shy Immortal for how benevolent she is in the struggles of her protégées, haughty and extremely unpredictable, and perfectly embodies all the characteristics of the modern gyerians and faenare. She has no allies, also because few are interested in the species under her care, and because of her marginal role in the history of the Multiverse and of the low profile kept by her breed, she doesn’t even have any stable enemies.
Patron: unknown [presumed: Korotiku]
Allies: none
Enemies: none
Alignment of followers: any
Favourite weapon: natural weapons (only allowed one handed piercing weapons)
Clerics’ skills and powers: free singing and survival (plains or mountains) general skills.
Domains: Thought, Chaos, Good, Family
Preferred weapon: dagger
Source: IM3, PC2