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by Ohad Shaham

Cocoon (AD&D- Alternation/Necromancy or Chronomancy)
Level: 9
Range: 0 (caster only)
Duration: special
AoE: caster

The name of the first creator of this spell is lost in time. Sages believe it was already known in extremely archaic eras, maybe as far back as Lhomarr. Current to 1016 AC the spell is only known as fractions of magical writings in the libraries of Glantri and Thyatis.

This spell is one of the most effective although rarely used ways to enhance one's lifespan. If the campaign is set in Glantri, the spell can be discovered as a 5th circle belonging either to necromancy or alchemy.

Casting this spell requires a long ceremony lasting at least 24 straight hours. Any disruptions will ruin the spell and the ceremony must start anew. The spell requires a number of rare ingredients the caster must consume at the climax of casting.

The most important ingredients are a dragons egg-shell and the blood of a human baby younger than 8 days (there is no reason for the baby to die in the process though).

After the consumption of the ingredients the caster is able to produce a gooey silk- like substance from his/her fingers. The caster than has to shape the silk around his/her body to shape a cocoon. The formation of the cocoon and its hardening take about 3 hours. After the Cocoon has hardened it becomes a dimensional warping artifact.

The cocoon exists both in the material plane and in the astral while the dimension of time will start affecting the caster in reverse: result leading to cause. All biological processes will start working backwards in the casters body. For every year the caster spends in the Cocoon its body becomes one year younger. Wounds and diseases heal, and even lost limbs are regenerated. The caster will stay in the Cocoon for the number of years equal to his age minus 21. At the end of that period the caster will emerge from the Cocoon with his/her body the way it was when the caster was 21 years old. During the years in the Cocoon, the caster needs not drink nor sleep. He is aware of its surrounding very vaguely. After coming out of the Cocoon the caster will be aware of only the most monumental events which have happened during his "sleep" (great wars, apocalyptic disasters and so on). The Cocoon is almost impervious to damage from outside. It is hard enough to stand pressures of several tons. Ordinary weapons, fire and acid can not harm the Cocoon. The Cocoon can be harmed by magical weapons of more than +3 enchantment, in such a case it has 100 hit points.

A wise magic user will use Contingencies and wards to protect his/her Cocoon. The time the caster emerges from the Cocoon could be very traumatic to the caster. A wisdom check must be made in order to remain sane after the process*.

*Use either Geoff Gander's insanity rules or the ones given in the Ravenloft campaign setting.