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General Organisation of the Order -- Amendments to the Code of Conduct

by Bruce Heard

During the decades following the new Heldannic Code of Conduct, The Heart and the Voice have enacted amendments essentially to reflect practical issues.

1st Amendment - Devotion: Indentured brothers in arms of another faith than Vanya are tolerated, but must keep their faith discreet and to themselves.

2nd Amendment - Respect: A brother must take meals in silence as the Holy Scriptures are read by the brother chaplain.

3rd Amendment - Cleanness: A brother must endeavour to wear appropriate and complete attire at all times.

4th Amendment - Achievement: The Order may reward a returning brother with items of magic as appropriate to rank and achievement.

5th Amendment - Poverty: A brother is entitled to a stipend to cover minor personal costs when involved outside the Order.

6th Amendment - Celibacy: Indentured brothers in arms may take a spouse but must keep matrimonial life discreet and to themselves

7th Amendment - Restraint: A brother must forego undue cruelty to people and animals, and respect the property of Heldannic subjects and the Order.