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Miscellaneous Magical Items

by Christopher Cherrington

Bendrix's Bouncing Coins

This Merchant Mage from Glantri had several tricks up his sleeve when he first started as a merchant. After being swindled from a merchant that claimed to be from Darokin, Bendrix created several items to cheat these nefarious scoundrels. The first of which was several coins. These simple coins do not radiate magic, but are highly magical indeed. How many coins he has of date, and from how many countries is unknown; but each coin is enchanted to reappear in Bendrix's possession a set time later. Bendrix has a special chest as a receptacle for the bouncing coins, and this chest full of coins would be a highly prized target for any thieves daring enough to try to attain such an object. Platinum coins return 2 months after leaving the chest, gold coins return in 1 month, electrum returns in 1 week, silver takes 1 day, and copper will return in an hour. The chest can hold 900cn and weighs 1500cn when empty. DM's can place the chest in a player's possession and chuckle in glee when local merchants begin to suspect the characters of thievery for their disappearing copper and silver. Characters may guess that the chest "creates" new coins, and not actually collecting spent coins.

Elfish Enchanted Tattoos

Mostly associated with the Long Runner Clan of Alfheim, these highly ornate tattoos of ivies, roses, and/or other fauna come in several varieties. Most are useable once per day, but some varieties have been known to grow with the user's experience level and making them more useful by working up to 3 times per day. The tattoos are made from mixing the sap of the Tree of Life with other plant saps creating different coloured inks and dyes. The placements of the tattoos are around the wrist, and/or ankles. When the magic is enabled, the tattoos come to life and grow from the user to help them with their particular challenge. Other types of tattoos may be found, and even some great heroes are known to have more than one enchantment placed upon them.


These tattoos will usually have thorns along the vines. The wearer can use these tattoos to either create a rope of climbing, but always connected to the user; or decrease the DC of a particular climbing attempt by increasing the user's grip and squeezing into cracks smaller than a knife blade.


These tattoos activate themselves automatically when the opportunity arises. When placed around the wrist, they will activate when the user attempts to catch something and misses, or when a disarm attempt has been made they will regrab the item held. When placed around the ankles, they activate when the user begins to fall, slip or thrown off their feet. Note: This could be even more dangerous than expected, falling off a horse and being dangled by the ankles could be a very hazardous experience.


These tattoos will help the user hide in surrounding vegetation. This creates a living camouflage that can blend more naturally with the user's environment.

Lashing These tattoos will grow out to 10 feet and entangle or tie themselves to an object. Note: The user will still be connected to whatever target the vines are connected to, and the vines can only entangle as much as 10 feet of rope could.

Vampiric Healing

These rare tattoos are made with the sap from the Vampire Rose. There are two forms of this tattoo, one that will strike out at a victim in order to heal the wearer (activated when the wearer has been injured by the victim) and the other version will engulf the wearer in a cocoon of vampire rose vines and wait for a victim to come near (activated when the wearer is reduced to 0 HP or unconscious).


This powerful tattoo enchantment is made of oak or other tree leaves within the design. The user may once a day meld into a tree of the same enchantment of the tattoo. Once a month, or if the user is reduced to 0 HP between full moons, the wearer may root into the ground and become a tree of their associated tattoo. In this form the user gains up to 200 HP's while in tree form, and will double their natural healing rate while a tree. The enchantment is finished once the user is completely healed. Note: turning into a tree in a hostile environment can mean permanent death of the user. i.e.: Plane of Fire, dungeon with no sunlight or access to water, et... Elyndale's Enchantment This special tattoo enchantment is only known to be given to one hero, Elyndale. It appears to be and acts like a lashing tattoo, but Elyndale has shown another extraordinary ability of his tattoo. It actually doubles the speed upon firing his bow by not only helping him draw the string, but growing a long thorn as an arrow to coincide his real arrow from his quiver.

Marriage Tattoo

This unique tattoo has appeared on its own when one or both wearers have an enchanted tattoo of their own. This enchantment seems to match the other's enchantment(s), and each user loses a permanent HP. So long as the other is alive, he/she can be resurrected at the Tree of Life where the original sap was drawn for a tattoo.