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Heldannic Knights -- Company of the Orb

by Bruce Heard

Company of the Orb

This sect includes in general abbots and commanding knights who have served on Heldannic warbirds. They call themselves Fellows of the Orb. The more illustrious members, known as The Witnesses, are those who have actually served in outer space, following the belief that they came closer to the divine realm of their Immortal Patron. A cheerful and boisterous ceremony awaits those who return from their first assignment in space. Their names are engraved on a metal plate, and hung on the Wall of Fame, inside the sect's main rallying hall in Freiburg.

The purpose of the sect is to gather, organise, study, develop, and protect all knowledge about outer space. The sect administrates a highly- restricted and well-hidden library and a workshop available to Witnesses. Witnesses are also required to give a complete account of what they found and observed while in service outside Mystara's Skyshield. Although membership is not an obligation, warbird commanders send into space are chosen from Fellows of the Orb or Witnesses.

The Company of the Orb is a legitimate sect that is governed by The Heart, since outer space is viewed as a sort of holy land. It is believed by most to be a stuffy, high-brow military club for warbird officers. Activities related to outer space, the library, and the workshop are, however, known only of the Witnesses and the three Primates. The sect has full jurisdiction to immediately pursue and at their entire discretion, eliminate thieves and those who learned too much. The sect commands at least one warbird and an experienced crew, and has authority to commandeer others if an important discovery is at hand, provided warbirds are not put at risk in doing so.