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Wynter's Conjured Companion

by Jim Bobb

Like the AD&Ds Find Familiar spell, the Conjured Companion creates and binds a creature to the magic-user to aid him (or her) in his vocation. Use of this spell is extremely dangerous for low level mages, but the sheer difficulty of properly casting this spell ensures only the most experienced and intelligent (or lucky) mages gain a companion.

Wynter's Conjured Companion
Level: Magic-user 1
Range: 0
Duration: Permanent
Effect: Creates a servitor creature for the caster.
This spell creates a servitor creature for the casting mage. Though low in level, Conjured Companion requires several key components to be provided by the caster in order for the magic to properly function and even then there is a chance part of the ritual is done incorrectly. To cast this spell, the caster must gather the following components: a pure silver brazier worth 500 gp, a block of rare incense worth 100 gp, rare oils costing 200 gp and a piece of the creature to be conjured (at least 1 pound and not less than 1 week old). The actual casting of the spell requires 24 full hours of casting, requiring constitution checks every 4 hours (6 total). At the completion of the spell, the components are all expended and the caster's chance of success is determined as follows: 15% base chance of success

+2 % per level of the caster
+1 % per 100 gp value of the components over the value of the required components
-10% for each component missing
-5% per hit dice of the creature's typical racial hit dice
-5% per special ability of the creature's race
-10% for each failed constitution check
Automatic failure if no creature flesh is present

In any case, the spell's maximum chance for success can be no higher than 95% after all modifiers are accounted for. If the spell fails, the mage must wait until he gains a level before attempting it again.
If successful, the pound of flesh the caster procured begins slowly growing. It takes 1 week per level of the caster for the companion to grow into it's adult form. Until that time, it is enclosed in a fleshy cocoon. During this phase the creature can be destroyed with no ill effects to the caster.
When 'hatched', the creature has an intelligence rating of 10-15 (9+1d6) and the normal abilities of a typical member of its race (except as outlined on the table below). In addition to its native tongue, the companion understands the caster's native tongue and is empathically linked to the caster when within 1 mile. The companion will serve the caster unwaveringly, even to death, but when given tasks and jobs to do the companion will carry them out according to their intelligence. The hit dice saving throws and hit points of the companion are as follows:

Caster's Level Hit Dice Save As Hit Points
1-4 1 M-U 1 1d6+1
5-8 2 M-U 2 2d6+2
9-12 3 M-U 3 3d6+3
13-16 4 M-U 4 4d6+4
17-20 5 M-U 5 5d6+5
21-24 6 M-U 6 6d6+6
25-28 7 M-U 7 7d6+7
29-32 8 M-U 8 8d6+8
33-35 9 M-U 9 9d6+9
36 10 M-U 10 10d6+10

As the caster rises (and maybe falls) in levels, his conjured companion will as well. If the companion has spell abilities (as dragons may) they will not exceed the companion's racial maximum. If the companion is slain, the caster loses 3 levels and must roll a saving throw versus spells. If failed the caster also loses 1d6+1 hit points permanently.
This spell will not create humans, demihumans, undead or other planar creatures. The caster may only have one companion serving him at any one time.