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by Mischa E Gelman

Sphere: Thought
Rank: Novice Temporal
Alignment: Neutral
Patron of Travellers

Cornelius was never a young man to let life have its way with him. He held his future in his hands and never gave it up. He learned magic so as to find joy in his youth, as well as power and novelty. he ran away from home at 15 and became a travelling mage, joining a circus to see sights and places and meet new people.

He left the circus when he found how poorly some of the performers were treated, and that most weren't volunteers. One, a dwarf named Derrick , whom he had befriended was among those forced into the circus and prevented from leaving. Upon finding out this truth, Cornelius led a break with several of the others, using his magic to free them from their bonds. They escaped into the hills, but only a few made it to the next city safely and alive.

Derrick and Cornelius went off on their own in the new city they arrived at, and soon left via sea. Arriving in Norwold, they petitioned the new king, Ericall, for fiefs but were laughed down due to their weak skills. The two then decided to strike off on their own and travel the country. Meeting up with several other travellers, they became rather powerful and well-known in freeing up this wilderness new country for travellers. Cornelius simply enjoyed seeing new lands in general more than clearing them for others, but he was glad others would get to see the same lands, even if they were changed for worse by civilisation.

After some time they had reached much fame and Ericall practically begged for them to accept fiefs. Cornelius refused and left his friends to travel the world further. He withdrew from his identity as a famed mage so as to travel incognito and get a better glimpse at the real world. He eventually rejoined his companions from old on a task to save the world and in the meantime view other worlds. Naturally, he accepted this task. Succeeding in it, he was given immortal status by the deities of Neutrality, who were proud of his position of not caring about power, merely novelty.

He has continued this policy and remains a strong patron of those who care not for power, rather survival or similar lowly matters. He also has become a patron of travellers and been readily accepted into many pantheons that lack a deity of that function. He is willing to use his immortal powers to defend from a bandit ambush-by trying to detour the travellers or merchants and similar tactics. He is not one to intervene in any major way unless innocents will be slaughtered in large numbers. He is also not trying to become a major immortal in any way.

Symbol: A walking stick

Allies: No one really.

Enemies: Only those who are patrons of thieves, and seek to harm innocent travellers.

Followers: Cornelius is already followed by several wanderers and merchants and a nomad tribe has even adopted him as their patron. He can give his clerics limited power but does not favour them more than his other followers much. he does not plan to try to gain followers, they just seem to join his followings quickly. He is not the sole patron though of anyone, even his clerics.

Mortal Level Mage-27
HD 20
A-Magic 50%
THAC0 immortal 5
Aura affects 1, save at -1
Power Points 500
HP Mortal 43
HP immortal 100
AC Mortal -10
AC immortal 0
STR 10
INT 10
WIS 15
DEX 11
CHR 14
(same in both forms)
Greater Talent 36
Lesser Talent 33
Walk 150'
Run 300'
G Form 720'
Fly 150'?
Ht 5'7" as mortal, 5'6" as immortal
Wt 120#
Mortal Description: Non-description, dressed in brown and carrying a walking stick. His face is worn and he looks older than his 42 years.

Armour Mortal Ring of Prot+4,Ring of Prot+4, Amulet of prot+3,Robe of Protection +3,Shamans Mantle from M3-note you should adjust this stuff for your world as this character developed from the OD&D modules and owns unique items, but I figure immortals can make anything so if you really think its important, you can use that as a cop-out :>

Weapon Dagger+5