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A Complete Guide to the Cosmos - Champions of Chaos

by Giulio Caroletti


However, things are not so easy for the Champions of Order. The being known as Thanatos, Tha-to, Grim Reaper, Death, etc. etc. didn't agree at all with the way things were going with the Normal Tetraspace.

Thanatos and Hel (the only two among the True Gods) and their Athanatoi servants were determined to bring the war against Outer Beings to an ultimate conclusion, whatever the risks. Contrarily to Odin and his allies, that bowed to the Order because they feared a war among the True Gods, Thanatos and Hel decided to oppose the Order of things, although not directly. They said they would never confront directly the other Gods, but they would encourage their Athanatoi and other servants to destroy the Multiverses from their very basis, trying to open Gates from one Prime to the other, encouraging the collapsing of the Outer Planes structures upon each other, ultimately to return to the original status of the Tetraspace, and at this point managing to confront finally the Outer Beings. Thanatos and Hel hopes to bring the current Tetraspace to an end, destroy the Outer Beings and manage to restore the original form of the Cosmos, or at least to create a new Order without fear of the Outer Beings' involvement.

Champions of Chaos sometimes have helped the Outer Beings' servants, because they think that maybe their re-appearance could help bringing the downfall of part of the Prime Planes, and this would further their goal. However, Thanatos and Hel know that this is a very dangerous bet.

The purpose of the Champions of Chaos is to revert a Prime Plane to its status of primordial, unshapen chaos, and to merge all Prime Planes into one. On the Outer Planes, the purpose is exactly the same. When all Outer Planes will become a bubbling mass of matter and energy, and the Prime Planes too, the Inner Planes will collapse, the Lesser Vortexes will not exist, the Ethereal will be vanquished, and the Outer Beings will be freed much easier, as the Normal Tetraspace will be returned to its original status: then, the Champions of Chaos will confront them, with the help of the Champions of Order and of the Neutral Gods and Mirror Gods, and destroy all Outer Beings forever, ready to forge a new Cosmic Order, this time Perfect and Eternal.

To further their scope, Champions of Chaos have tried many different approaches: on some worlds the Champions of Chaos don't tell the Truth to their servitors (and on some they even try to convince their enemies), on other they do, on some they try subtle ways, on other they risk major scale wars between Chaos and Order.

The most important agents of Chaos are Demons and Undead.


On Mystaraspace, the action of the Champions of Chaos resulted in the creation of the Sphere of Entropy, that entered the Immortal Hierarchy at the time of its creation. The Sphere of Entropy is the agent of Chaos on Mystaraspace: it tries to slow Time, to disperse Energy, to destroy Matter and prevent Thought. Its purpose is to destroy all other Spheres and turn the Mystaran Prime Plane into primordial chaos.


Another of the major-scale events that resulted from the contraposition of the Champions of Order and the Champions of Chaos is the Blood War. On the so called Lower Planes of the Planespace Multiverse, the Champions of Order are represented by Devils (Baatezu), while the Champions of Chaos are represented by Demons (Tanar'ri). Most Demons and Devils don't know of the truth behind their fighting, but the highest ranking Demon generals know. The Devil generals, on the other hand, are so profoundly lawful and devoted to their cause that they don't care of the reasons. Demons try to win the war to turn the Lower Planes in a giant global confusion, a single bubbling chaos Plane from which to spread into the rest of Planespace's Outer Planes; the Devils are there to oppose Demons with all their strength and possibilities.